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Coway Mattress Prime 2 vs Eco lite

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

coway mattress prime 2 vs eco lite

If you're in the market for a new mattress, you may be considering the Coway Mattress Prime 2 and Coway Eco Lite mattresses. Both mattresses are designed to provide comfort and support, but they have some key differences that are worth considering. In this blog post, we'll take a closer look at the differences between the Coway Prime 2 Vs Eco Lite mattress

1. Material Composition

One of the biggest differences between the Coway Prime 2 and Eco Lite mattresses is their material composition. The Prime 2 is made with a combination of natural latex, coconut fibre, 7 zone pocket spring, memory foam, anti-static fabric and cooling fabric

While the Eco Lite is made with a combination of High quality Foam, Felt pocket spring and Cooling Fabric.

2. Firmness Levels

Both the Coway Prime 2 and Eco Lite mattresses come in different firmness levels, The Prime 2 is available in 2 different firmness levels which is Soft and Firm, while the Eco Lite is available in Just one which is Medium Firm.

What kind of softness is for you?

Soft - Side sleeper, small size, like soft bed

Firm -people with back pain, elderly, heavy weight, big size

Medium Firm- No specific needs for a mattress, all type of sleeper

3. Function

While both is good to help support the body, provide a better sleep to everyone, Coway Prime 2 is especially good for people that have back pain and sleep disorder, with the coconut fibre and 7 zone pocket spring, it provides better support for people with above health problems.

coway mattress changeble topper

4. Changeable topper

For rental customers only, there will be a FREE topper change to replace the old Topper on the 3rd year for both Coway prime 2 and Eco lite

5. Accessories

For Coway Prime 2 mattress, there will be free accessories that comes together with the mattress, mainly 2 Memory foam Pillow and 1 Mattress Protector, where for the Eco lite, there is no free accessories included

Coway mattress prime 2

6. Design

Coway Mattress Prime 2 has 2 designs to choose from, the blue velvet which is in fabric, and Dark Grey PU lether. Both makes the Prime 2 looks premium. Where the Eco lite has only one design for the fram - Fabric grey

coway mattress eco lite

7. Price

Finally, the Prime 2 and Eco Lite mattresses differ in price. The Prime 2 is generally more expensive than the Eco Lite, which may be a consideration for budget-conscious shoppers.

Below are the Price charts

coway prime 2 mattress price

coway ecolite mattress price

  1. If premium is what you are looking for, and you just want the best

  2. if the extra RM50 per month is not a problem for you

  3. if youare having seriuos back pain or you are recovering from injuries

  4. if you just like the elegant look of the Prime 2

  5. if you want better support with the coconut fibre

  6. if you prefer Firm or soft

  1. If you are not looking for a too premium mattress but you want a better quality that other mattresses outside

  2. if you dont have any back pain or symtoms that require you to get the best mattress

  3. if this for you children and you have a big family

  4. if you a budget but good mattress, with consistent service

  5. if this is for your home stay, make your customers go WOW, and incresese the comfiness of your home, hight ratings too

  6. if you dont like too fancy design, a grey fabric design is just nice.

In conclusion, the Coway Prime 2 and Eco Lite mattresses both offer excellent comfort and support, but they have some key differences. The Prime 2 is made with a combination more premium materials . The Eco Lite is a combination of less type of materials and is generally less expensive. When making your choice, consider your preferences for materials, firmness, cooling, and budget.

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