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Coway Promotion 2022 -August New Update

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Coway promotion August 2022

The New Month is Here, to make sure you get the Best Deal Ever, Coway launh a few new Promotion Campaign for August 2022 and Continued some of the previous Promotions due to high demand.

Coway Promotion for August 2022

Bateri Bidet Free Trial


2 options

Promotion A (free for 3 months)

- for Malaysian individuals only

- For new customers (have to sign up for any new product (in the same month)

- Waived rm200 Rental Processing fee

- 3 months free rental

- Free rental starts from the 2nd to the 4th month. First payment must be deducted via ecash

- While stock is limited

- Must be installed at the same address as the new product installation

- The installation of the new product must be successfully installed before the installation of the bidet

Promotion B (Free Trial)

- Free to use for 3 months. (Count from the date of installation up to 90 days)

- For Malaysian individuals only


- Customers have to repeat a new order to get this campaign

- Limited to 1 house 1 bidet

- First come first served

- Have to submit the battery bidet free trial form with the nric after the new order is installed

- Must fill in the order number of the newly installed product

- New products must be installed in the same month

- HP can only offer customers this campaign after the new product has been installed

- Bidets must be installed at the same address as the new product

For More Detail whatsappp me Here


Enjoy Rm150 Cashback with a new AmBank Credit Card/i & sign up for monthly recurring payments, Apply here , for more details on hos is the process can directly Whatsapp me here ,


Coway mattress Promotion


The Promo is For Coway Mattress King size and Queen Size, and you can get this promo with all diffrent contracts such as 5 years contract,and 7years contract. In this promo, what you get is a WAIVED RM200 Rental Processing Fee which normally required while applying for a mattress and also, Get your self a FREE Foldable Mattress , Mattress protector and 2 memory foam pillow worth RM1500, only 6,000 units to be give a way so make sure you lock you unit by applying with Daniel




Its been a while now since Coway started the Combo Promotion, after several revisions, Coway has come up with another great deal which absolutely crazy for Neo plus Combinations Combos, 2 Options to choose from, Combo A and Combo B

Combo A

Get 2 Products for just 1 price: Neo Plus + Storm Previously is Rm144/ month, Now is Rm124/ month

Do the Math: Original Price Neo plus is RM109/ month while Storm is RM90/ month, so total is Rm199 to get both, With the New Combo A, you can get both with only RM124, SAVE RM75/month

Combo B

Get 2 Products for just 1 price: Neo Plus + Lombok 3 Previously is Rm164/ month, Now is Rm144/ month

Do the Math: Original Price Neo plus is RM109/ month while Lombok 3 is RM109/ month, so total is Rm218 to get both, With the New Combo B, you can get both with only RM144, SAVE RM78/month



The New Coway Bamb