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Coway Promotion 2022 -August New Update

Updated: Nov 13, 2022

Coway promotion August 2022

The New Month is Here, to make sure you get the Best Deal Ever, Coway launh a few new Promotion Campaign for August 2022 and Continued some of the previous Promotions due to high demand.

Coway Promotion for August 2022

Bateri Bidet Free Trial


2 options

Promotion A (free for 3 months)

- for Malaysian individuals only

- For new customers (have to sign up for any new product (in the same month)

- Waived rm200 Rental Processing fee

- 3 months free rental

- Free rental starts from the 2nd to the 4th month. First payment must be deducted via ecash

- While stock is limited

- Must be installed at the same address as the new product installation

- The installation of the new product must be successfully installed before the installation of the bidet

Promotion B (Free Trial)

- Free to use for 3 months. (Count from the date of installation up to 90 days)

- For Malaysian individuals only


- Customers have to repeat a new order to get this campaign

- Limited to 1 house 1 bidet

- First come first served

- Have to submit the battery bidet free trial form with the nric after the new order is installed

- Must fill in the order number of the newly installed product

- New products must be installed in the same month

- HP can only offer customers this campaign after the new product has been installed

- Bidets must be installed at the same address as the new product


Enjoy Rm150 Cashback with a new AmBank Credit Card/i & sign up for monthly recurring payments, Apply here , for more details on hos is the process can directly Whatsapp me here ,


Coway mattress Promotion


The Promo is For Coway Mattress King size and Queen Size, and you can get this promo with all diffrent contracts such as 5 years contract,and 7years contract. In this promo, what you get is a WAIVED RM200 Rental Processing Fee which normally required while applying for a mattress and also, Get your self a FREE Foldable Mattress , Mattress protector and 2 memory foam pillow worth RM1500, only 6,000 units to be give a way so make sure you lock you unit by applying with Daniel




Its been a while now since Coway started the Combo Promotion, after several revisions, Coway has come up with another great deal which absolutely crazy for Neo plus Combinations Combos, 2 Options to choose from, Combo A and Combo B

Combo A

Get 2 Products for just 1 price: Neo Plus + Storm Previously is Rm144/ month, Now is Rm124/ month

Do the Math: Original Price Neo plus is RM109/ month while Storm is RM90/ month, so total is Rm199 to get both, With the New Combo A, you can get both with only RM124, SAVE RM75/month

Combo B

Get 2 Products for just 1 price: Neo Plus + Lombok 3 Previously is Rm164/ month, Now is Rm144/ month

Do the Math: Original Price Neo plus is RM109/ month while Lombok 3 is RM109/ month, so total is Rm218 to get both, With the New Combo B, you can get both with only RM144, SAVE RM78/month



The New Coway Bamboo Plus

Own a bamboo Plus outdoor filter with only Rm85 only per month or go for the Bamboo Combo promotion, Choose any indoor unit plus the Bamboo plus with a special lowest monthly rental price, refer to the below price list. provide healthier water for your family and longer home appliances lifespan. Click here for more info



Trade X5 promo for trade in is still on for August promotion, trade in any previous coway product with ended contract and upgrade to an even better water purifier with a lower monthly rental price. Price as seen on the above Picture. Check Here whether you are eligible for this Promotion.


Coway Malaysia is introducing Coway Double Hepa Filter to Drive Massive awareness and Purch Air Purifier that aims to Protect Malaysians From Corona Virus, Enjou the Power of Double Hepa-ness with youe family to inactivate up to 99.999% covid-19 contaminants

The air purifier with the Double Hepa Filter, Coway Storm and Coway Lombok 3 , click link to Find out more.


Find out how to Apply a Coway Product by yourself in Coway official Emall



Hello, I’m Daniel Jong, a professional Coway health planner. I have more than 3 years of experience in this industry and I've helped more than 200 families improve their living quality and have a healthier life and better lifestyle.Click here to whatsapp NOW. so that I can help you solve your problems and needs faster.

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