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Coway Promotion Year end 2022

Updated: Nov 14

A new Quater is Here, Crazy great deals are coming our way, Coway keep updating and revised the Promotion Campaign from previous months and introduce new and affortable packages so that every family would get to enjoy the benefits that the products from coway that help millions of family in Malaysia.

Coway Promotion 2022 October, November and December(Q4 2022)

This Post is going to be updated time to time to ensure you get the latest news and update on the Coway Promotion in the month October, November and December

  1. Coway Mattress Prime 2 series Promo

Coway mattress Prime 2 series

The New Coway Prime 2 Series mattress, with the new upgrade in design and materials, another option for coway mattress, now with 2 diffrent packages, normal package plan for 5 years, and new Wow 7 plan for 7 years, include service and topper change on the 3rd year for both plans. Now Waive Rm200 rental Processing fee and free accesories such as 2 memory foam pillows and a Mattress Protector

with 11.11 Special Promo, you get a Premium Candle Towel set for free, while stock last

2. Another 11.11 Special Promo is Bamboo plus comes with Special premium Free gift!

Apply any Coway Bamboo Plus with normal price Rm95 or WOW5 Plan Rm85 per month, you would get a set of Multifunctional Hand Blender For Free!!

3. New Product add on for WOW 7 and WOW 5 series Promo

WOW 5- ( Obligation 5+0 ) meaning 5 year contract, list of Wow 5 items

  • Neo plus- original price Rm109/ month, with Wow 5 only RM85/ month

  • Kecil - original price Rm115/ month, with Wow 5 only RM99/ month

  • Lombok 3- original price Rm109/ month, with Wow 5 only RM90/ month

  • Storm- original price Rm90/ month, with Wow 5 only RM70/ month

  • Noble- original price Rm140/ month, with Wow 5 only RM120/ month

  • Bamboo Plus- original price Rm95/ month, with Wow 5 only RM85/ month

  • Coway Core - original price Rm132/ month, with Wow 5 only RM115/ month

WOW 7- ( Obligation 7+0 ) meaning 7 year contract, list of Wow 7 items

  • Neo plus- original price Rm109/ month, with Wow 7 only RM65/ month

  • Kecil - original price Rm115/ month, with Wow 7 only RM77/ month

  • Storm- original price Rm90/ month, with Wow 7 only RM58/ month

  • Lucy Plus- original price Rm190/ month, with Wow 7 only RM140/ month

4. The New Wow 7 Plus for Kecil

coway Kecil water purifier

The original price Per month is RM115, Now with the new Wow 7 Plus, you can get a Coway Kecil with just Rm59 per month, you might ask so what is the diffrence between the normal wow 7 promo Rm77, why the price diffrerence, it's the service, the normal wow 7 Rm77 is every 2 months, where the new wow 7 plus RM58's service is every 4 months. so you get to choose how frequent theservice you want. every 2 months or every 4 months


coway bamboo plus

With an indoor water purifier at home, you can only filter the water that you drink but are unable to fill the water for ther whole hose use, with the new combo bamboo plus, we ensure the water for your whole home is clean,

New add on of the new products and price change for the combo bamboo plus Combo with Wow 5 and wow 7 Promo units. check above chart for the price.

6. Special Promotion – EX-TRADE Plus & TRADEX-5 Plus

coway trade in

If you are looking to tradein your coway old machine, now is the right time, with this trade in PLUS promo, on top of the existing trade in price, you could enjoy anothe RM5 off every monthfor your new trade in product!

coway trade in

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