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Coway for Maternal Health

It's always important to be aware of the factors that can affect our health, and this is especially true during pregnancy. Women who are pregnant or have recently given birth can benefit from all Coway products to keep themselves as healthy as possible.


During pregnancy, women suffer from morning sickness, aches and pains, inflammation, food cravings and fatigue. Pregnancy also affects the immune system, which is ultimately strengthened to protect the mother and baby but is sometimes more susceptible to illnesses such as the flu or cold.

To prevent illness and enjoy other benefits of purified air, such as more energy, better concentration, and a fresh-smelling home, Coway Lombok 3 is a good investment for anyone planning to have a baby soon. Using an air purifier during pregnancy can also lead to your baby being healthier when he or she's born! A study of over 500 pregnant women in Mongolia found that the babies of women who used a HEPA air purifier in their home were, on average, 85 grammes heavier than those of women who didn't use an air purifier. Another reason to invest in an air purifier for pregnant women is that it takes significantly less time to clean up the rooms. The less dust floating in the air, the less settles on surfaces, allowing the expectant mother and her partner to spend less time cleaning and more time nesting. Lombok 3 has a 99.999%¹, 0.01㎛ nanoparticle removal rate, making it an excellent air purifier for pregnancy.

COWAY KECIL AND MATERNAL HEALTH Many women wonder how much water they should drink during pregnancy. Adequate hydration is extremely important as it affects the performance of all organs in the body. Pregnant women have an added strain on their system as they not only have to take care of their own body, but also the baby's. So how much water should a pregnant woman drink? While non-pregnant people should drink 8 cups of water per day, pregnant women should drink up to 12 cups. Dehydration during pregnancy is harmful to both mom and baby, so drink plenty! Coway Kecil is a convenient way to ensure you stay hydrated with pure water that is free of contaminants like VOCs, bacteria and microorganisms. Coway Kecil even dispenses Ambient and Hot water at the touch of a button!

BATERI BIDET AND MATERNAL HEALTH The BATERI BIDET can be an essential tool throughout pregnancy and postpartum. Using a bidet during pregnancy, when mobility is limited due to a growing belly, is a great way to ensure hygiene without putting extra strain on the mother. Bateri Bidet can be controlled with a convenient remote control that allows you to switch between settings such as water pressure, and on off. There are also gentle settings for mothers using the bidet after childbirth. The Bateri Bidet's gentle yet thorough cleaning technology makes moms' lives easier, as they have one less thing to worry about.

Want to learn more about Coway Kecil, Coway Lombok 3 and Coway Bateri Bidet, click on the link for more infomation

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