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Join our COWAY sales team now & make stable income together!

You can't live like this anymore!
Doing the SAME JOB over and over again, it's so boring!
work for so hard but feel that achieving nothing in the end.
Where have all the dreams gone to?
Knowing that I have more than that, I know that I can do great things in life.
But I just don’t know what or how to do...

25 years old in a blink of an eye, 30 years old in a blink of an eye, and 40 years old in a blink of an eye...

Keep changing Jobs... Adapted all over again... Why are you still not making enough money, why are other people getting rich and you are still remaining the same?
Is it they are born with the talent to make money? or you are just not as lucky as them?

Maybe you tried many many things, spent a lot of money, and hit a lot of rocks along the way, but things still didn’t go as expected.

What is missing?

Is it the lack of determination to work harder, or the courage to change oneself
If you don’t make up your mind to make the change now, then when will you change
You can’t sell, no problem, you have no eloquence, no problem
Your education is not high, it’s okay, you don’t have many contacts, it’s okay
The point is that do you have the courage to work hard, believe in yourself, and want to change the status quo and breakthrough yourself?
We are here as a learning platform, no matter whether you can sell or not, you can learn new things
Here you can get the salary you dream of. The question is, are you willing to pay the price of success,  work hard, and change?

If the answer is YES, then contact me.

There will be three outcomes by joining our team
(1) The worst result: leaving the company, but understanding the comprehensive knowledge of the industry;

(2) Intermediate results: You have done a good job, your income is higher than before, your time is free, and your Network has been expanded;

(3) The best result: self-achievement, better life, helping others, and changing your future.

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"You can achieve anything in Coway as long you don't give up."

Liew Cheng Ping    Senior Manager

Work as a chef in Singapore for a few years back, decide to come back to Malaysia and Join Coway on 19/02/2013 as a health planner, start making monthly 5-figure income from 2014 onwards, promote as Health Manager in 2016, and was promoted as a Senior Manager in 2019, now promoted 6 HM under his group.

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Jee Shin How    Health Manager

He is used to be a typical salesperson, join coway on 19/4/2013 but never do anything, continue to work hard in sales but keep on struggling to get enough money to get his own home, so decided to work Full time in Coway and got promoted to a Health Manager in February 2018. Now have 2 direct HM and a grand HM under him

"Focus only 1 thing at a time, and be patient, sure you can go far with coway"

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"Working in Coway is FLEXIBLE, and HIGH Income that could potentially reach Up to 5 figure income per month"

Ricci Herendy Bin Rodi    Health Manager

He work at MR DIY as a promoter and later promoted to a supervisor with a salary of Rm1150 in 2015. Due to too much work and stress I quit. Later on, meet with Hm Jee, he decided to join Coway in the same year. In just six months' time, he is able to make 5 figure monthly income and own a Mitshubishi Triton. Promoted to a Health Manager on October 2021. 

hm Riccy
coway Benny lim

"Coway is a very good learning platform, you can learn everything from sales, communication until relationships"

Benny Lim   Health Manager

He only studied until form 3, Was an air-cond technician for 8 years, and after that went into sales for 5 years selling biscuits, joined Coway in 2017 with not much experience in this field. Being patient, learning, and working very hard, finally been Promoted to Health Manager in 2019. Achieve his new home in 2018 and a New car Velfire in 2020. Now have 1 direct Health Manager until him.

coway hm benny lim achievement.jpeg