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Coway FAQS


1. Why are the prices of some water purifiers in the market lower?


Our pricing for products matches the quality of our products and services. We believe that taking care of the little details will make us capable of achieving the top in the field

- we offer premium product materials, performance, and efficiency; we are recognized and certified internationally. For every cent you spent, we offer you a high standard of service in return.

2. Is all Hot water tanks of Coway Water Purifier made by PLASTIC?


NO, we have a separate stainless steel tank for Hot water, and it is the best Material for hot water.


3. Is the plastic water tank for ambient and cold water safe to use?


The plastic water tank is absolutely safe to use. Not only BPA free but it is also coated with sterilizing material and is certified by international organizations such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) as well as RoHS (Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive).

4. Does Coway water purifier consume a high amount of electricity?


The consumption of electricity varies depending on a few factors, including the usage of hot

or cold water, water pressure, number of users as well as the amount of water consumption. In fact, take Coway Villaem 2 for example, the Electricity usage is more or less than Rm10 per month only, switched on 24/7.

5. Why can't I use underground water, mountain Water, and Rainwater as water sources?


This water contains a very high amount of impurities which could cause filter block. It could also cause a shorter filter lifespan

6. Why Coway water purifiers cannot be installed in areas with low water pressure?


We are always working hard to maintain the quality of our services. Our water purifiers require certain water pressure to function well. To ensure that we deliver the best service our products cannot be installed in areas with low pressure.

7. Reverse osmosis produces a lot of wastewater. Is this true?


The reverse osmosis system separates water with larger particles that contain bacteria and impurities from clean and pure water. The wastewater is similar to tap water at a puny level, which can be used in household chores such as watering plants and Washing for full utilization.

8. RO water is too acidic for the human body?


Water source is what effecting the pH result. Instead of pH, we emphasize the filtration system that can filter out harmful contaminants such as heavy metals in our water and produce clean drinking water for consumption.

Additional info: lemon (pH3), orange (pH4), and coffee (pH5) are also consumed very often.

9. What is the difference between natural, pure & alkaline water?


Coway natural water contains minerals for those who prefer it. For those wanting the purest water, impurities such as heavy metals, organic chemicals, microbes as well as radioactive substances are all removed in Coway pure water. Alkaline water effectively neutralise stomach acid and pepsin, making it a possible treatment for acid reflux,


10. How To apply for a Coway Product?


There are two ways to own a Coway product—Rental and Outright Purchase:

  1. 1. Rental

    • A Rental Registration Fee of RM200 and a one-month advance rental payment is all you need to get started.

    • Our service team, Coway Lady (CODY) will provide complimentary periodic maintenance service throughout your rental period.

    • The minimum contract is 3 years, but you can rent the product for up to 5 years. After 5 years, no rental payment will be charged and the product will officially belong to you.

    • Should you require maintenance service after 5 years, you may subscribe to our Service Membership.

  2. 2. Outright Purchase

    • No installation fee is needed and you can opt for a 0% interest installment for up to 36 months.

    • CODY Service is complimentary for the first year and you may choose to subscribe to our Service Membership after one year.

Kindly Speak with an Authorize Coway Health Planner:Daniel Jong -577042

11. What are the requirements for applying a Coway product with a RENTAL PLAN


For individuals:-

-Must be a Malaysian

-Have Malaysian IC

-Bank card/credit card/Atm card

For Corporate:

Contact Authorize Coway Health Planner:Daniel Jong -577042 for more Information


12. How much is the charge for installation?


-Installation by Coway is Free, terms and conditions apply


13. How frequent is the service for Coway products that we buy


Service is once every 2months, every 4/6 month filter change depend on the models

14. do I need to pay for labor fee when the Coway technician or Cody comes to service or repair my machine?


No. You are not required to pay any labor fees unless your service warranty membership has expired. You have the option to renew your membership for 1 or 2 years and you won't have to pay for any charges after.

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