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Coway Super Crazy Promotion

Enjoy up to 50% off* a new Coway water Purifier for 6 months whether you're purchasing a new Coway unit or trading in your old water purifier from any brand.

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

The New Coway Air Conditioner

The New Coway Air Conditioner is here, comes with an inverter and air purifier   and our unique 7-step service, Now with the new Bulk Promotion, the more unit you apply, the lower the rental fees 

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Neo Plus Hebat 7 Promotion

Special Neo Plus HEBAT 7, one of the best seller water purifiers, HEBAT 7 Neo plus only Rm59/month With 7-year warranty, service, and filter change. term and conditions apply

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway TRADE IN Promotion

Been with Coway for the past 5-7 years, service has expired and need to renew service package to continue to enjoy our service, Now there is another option to upgrade your Coway product, trade-in any of your old model water purifier and get a new model with a lower price, continue to enjoy our service+ a new Coway Water purifier. 

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Kecil Promotion

Coway Kecil is Now even affordable!! Now only Rm77 permonth!!! hurry grab yours now!!

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

New Coway Storm 2

The New Coway Storm 2 a new upgrade from the previous Storm air purifier, now from as low as RM70 per month

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Outright Purchase Promo

Outright Purchase our coway 2 premium model water purifier, Inception and Ombak and you can have a set of limited edition of Neoflam Frying pan

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Wow5 Promo for corporate

Wow5 Promo for Corporates only, Apply a Harry, Villaem 2 or Core Plus Water Purifier and get a Special Discounted Price

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway COMBO Promo
Coway Combo Promotion.jpg

2 is always better than 1, get 2 unit of coway Product, and air purifier and a water purifier with one special COMBO price

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Neo Plus Combo

The New Neo Plus Combo With Lower Price, Own 2 Products with just 1 Lowest Fee, Whatsapp me Now To Know More!

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Bamboo plus with WOW 7

Coway Bamboo plus New Wow 7 promo, with only RM65 per month, Provide clean water to the whole house

Valid period :26/12/2023 till 20/01/2024


Introducing the new Coway Core Plus, a new upgrade for Coway Core, comes with New design, UV sterilization system. Largers tank. With WOW5 promo, now apply one for your home or office with a lower price!!

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Lombok 3 Promotion

Special promotion for this covid season, with 6 stage filtration system and RBD plasma technology, Coway Lombok 3 can Help kill bacteria and viruses, help protect your family from viruses, Original Price RM109, Now only RM90 Per Month

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway  Massage Chair Rm200 RPF Waiver promo

Apply a Massage Chair This Month and save Rm200 rental processing fee

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Mega Deal Series

Mega Deal Series for office/ Corporate, the more unit you applied, the lower price you can get, as low as RM98 only per month!!

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Outright One+1

Outright Purchase any coway Products above, normally 1 year free service,filter change and warranty, now you can get another year, so total 2 years of free service, filter change and warranty

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Mattres PRIME II

The New Coway Prime II Mattress is here, With the New Leather Frame, Static-Cooling topper and 7-Zone Pocket spring now From as low as Rm109

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Bamboo Combo

Coway Bamboo plus combo for outdoor filter and indoor filter, get the Coway Bamboo Plus Outdoor filter and plus any indoor water purifier for a low 1 monthly fee

Valid period :26/01/2024 till 22/02/2024

Coway JomTukar Pro
coway jomtukar.jpg

Change your old branded water purifier to a New Coway water purifier with our Jom Tukar Promo and get a lower rental price!

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

Coway Eco Lite Mattress

the new Coway Eco lite is not Affordable for all families, from as low as Rm79, you can own a Coway Eco lite mattress for your self!!

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024


The new coway Ais ice maker now comes with the Wow promo, wow 5 and wow 7 for you to choose, best deal ever

Valid period :26/2/2024 till 21/3/2024

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