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The New Coway Mattress prime 2 VS Prime 1

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

The New Coway Mattress Prime 2 VS Prime 1

After 2 years of the release of Coway Prime 1 series, Today in this article I will Introducing you to the New COWAY PRIME 2 Series Mattress, we will go through the similarities of the mattress, the upgrade and the different of both Mattress

Similarities and what remained


The size of the Prime series mattress and Prime II series is almost the same,

· Queen

Mattress only is (W)1520mm X (D)1900mm X (H)330mm ,

Plus Frame set then is (W)1525mm X (D)2140mm X (H)1150mm,

· King

mattress only (W)1830mm X (D)1900mm X (H)330mm and

mattress plus Bed Frame is (W)1830mm X (D)2140mm X (H)11500mm.

the only difference is the Height of the set mattress as it’s already a new design then the previous one.

2. Materials

The materials that remain the same is Natural latex, Coconut Fibre, Pocket spring, Memory Form, anti-static fabric

3. Functions

Both are still the same, to help support the body, provide a better sleep to everyone, especially good for people that have back pain and sleep disorder

7-step mattress care service

4. Services

7-step Coway Mattress care service, free deep detail 7 step mattress care service every 4 months

Coway Mattress Firm

5. Bed Type

You can still choose from 2 bed type which is Firm and Soft, Firm typically recommended for Back Sleeper or people who has back pain problem, and Soft is for Side Sleepers

Coway mattress changeble topper

6. Changeable topper

For rental customers only, there will be a FREE topper change to replace the old Topper on the 3rd year

Coway Mattress Price

7. Price

Good news is the New Prime 2 remains the same Price as the Prime 1 so it is still affordable for everyone

So What’s New?

1. The Cooling Fabric- it is together with the Anti-static fabric, so it helps to reduce heat, giving you a cooler sleep, and at the same time help reduce static charge from your body.

2. 7-Zone pocket Spring Provides precise, targeted support to 7 zones of the human body for pressure distribution and spinal alignment, improve from 5 zone in the Prime I mattress to 7-Zone.

coway Mattress 7-zone Pocket spring

It breaks down to

  • Zone 1 for Head & neck support,

  • Zone 2 for Shoulder & upper back,

  • Zone 3 for Lumbar

  • Zone 4 for the Hip

  • Zone 5 for our Knee

  • Zone 6 for the Lower Leg and

  • Zone 7 for Foot & Ankle

3. 5-Zone Natural Latex support specific parts of the body and enhances material breathability