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6 tips on Choosing the right Coway Water Purifier 2022

Updated: Sep 4

6 tips on Choosing the right Coway Water Purifier for your home
6 tips on Choosing the right Coway Water Purifier for your home

Throughout the years, more and more people are using water purifiers in their homes, and a big number of them choose Coway water purifiers as their number 1 source of clean water.

Coway has helped more than 6 million homes worldwide with our water and air purifiers and the numbers are kept on increasing

So you've decided to go with Coway's Water Purifier, mainly because your auntie, your parents, your friends, or your wife says that Coway product is good, but you don't have much knowledge about Cowaywhich water purifier is the best?

Here in this post, I will walk you through the things that you need to know before applying for a Coway Water Purifier and which is the best water purifier for you.

TIP NO.1 Type of water

Different water purifiers can produce different types of water, in Coway we have machines that can produce 3 types of water mainly, Mineral Water, RO water, and Alkaline water,

coway type of water

Mineral Water - People call it Mineral Water, Normal water, or Mild Alkaline, we call it mineral water is because it is purified water but still contains some of the minerals in it, some customers like it because they want the mineral inside, and some just want a fast filtration mainly because they use a lot of water, and mineral water that filtered through our Nanotrap filter is clean and the filtration rate is fast.

RO Water - Reverse osmosis is a water purification process that filters out unwanted molecules and large particles such as contaminants and sediments like chlorine, salt, and dirt from drinking water. In addition to removing contaminants and sediments, reverse osmosis can also remove microorganisms – which you certainly do not want to drink. It uses water to clean down to a molecular level, leaving only pure H2O behind. So you would expect some rejected water from the water purifier. It doesn't contain any more minerals in the water, this type of water is suitable for all ages of people and especially good for people who have kidney problems and are going through dialysis treatment, water without minerals can lower the burden on the weak kidneys.

Some misconception about RO water is that we might not get enough minerals if we don't get from water, the fact is, most of the minerals in the tap water are hard to digest by our body and the amount is very small, imagine having calcium from a glass of milk= to 300 glass of water, which do you prefer, a glass of milk or 300 glass of water

Coway Water Type Chart

Alkaline Water - Normal drinking water generally has a neutral pH of 7. Where Alkaline water typically has a pH of 8, 9, and 9.5.

coway Alkaline water benefits

Alkaline water is helpful for relieving stomach symptoms such as chronic diarrhea, indigestion, Hyperacidity, and abnormal Gastrointestinal fermentation, the molecule of the alkaline ion are smaller than normal water and that helps in

fast absorption for the body, it also removes oxygen radicals that cause diseases, keeps your body healthier and clean with anti-oxidation

TIP NO.2 Budget

Budget is one of the important factors in choosing the right water purifier, Coway has 2

options to own the water purifier, you can rent a water purifier from as low as RM65 per month until Rm190 per month for 5 or 7 years depending on the promotion, including service, filter change, and warranty

budget to buy coway

Where for Outright purchase, the price could range from Rm2200 until Rm8000 with 2-year free service

So which one to choose, rental or Outright?

below are the Coway water purifier price list for each unit

Coway payment chart

There are pros and cons for each payment method, Outright is always cheaper if calculate in the long term for most Models, but you need to pay a huge amount of money which could hurt your wallet, but if you have a Credit card, you can also apply for the 24 or 36 months 0% interest installment.

As for Rental Plan, you pay monthly rental through bank auto-debit, and the best part is you get to use and enjoy the water purifier that cost around 3k and above with just a first payment, for example, a Coway Villaem 2 water purifier that cost RM3900, is delivered, installed for you at your home for FREE with just the first monthly payment of RM120, and pay the rest rental every month afterward, no hidden charges. So it's so Easy and Affordable to own a water purifier now, if you are low on budget, a rental plan is a way to go. But If you have extra cash and you don't like to pay it monthly, then Outright is a better choice.


Every Coway water purifier has a different water tank capacity, this is to fulfill different customer needs, The larger the tank size, the more water it could provide.

Coway Tank Capacity chart
Coway Tank Capacity Chart

The first question that we usually ask is how many people are in your home or office, for tank capacity which is less than 6 liter, normally we will suggest going for Neo plus, Kecil, Mate, Ferry, or inception. 11 liter is for 5- 10 people, like Villaem2, glaze and lucy plus. And 12 liter and above is for 15-20 people, such as Harry, Core, and Ombak.

The Coway Ombak has a larger Hot water Tank compare to others, 3.4L hot water tank special design for Malaysia that like to drink a lot of hot water, so if your family member uses a lot of hot water either they drink or use it to make cakes, Ombak is a good choice.

The units like Kecil and Mate is the only unit with Direct Flow supply of Ambient and hot water, so if you want to take a lot of water without waiting, then Kecil and Mate is for you.

TIP NO.4 Design

All the Water purifier looks differently when choosing a Coway Water Purifier, you need to have a look at you kitchen design, the color match and the space that you are willing to give up for a Water purifier because most water purifier is not small, some might be very bulky and might use up a lot of space.

If your space is small, you wouldn't want or take the water purifier that is huge and bulky

TIP NO.5 Decide where to put the Water Purifier

Another important point is where do you want to put the water purifier? Do you have a tabletop or not, if you don't have a table or more space beside the sink for a water purifier, then you might need to consider getting a floor standing unit water purifier like Coway Core or Coway Harry. you can just slot in any space and you don't need to worry about getting another table for the Water Purifier.

cowar Core

TIP NO.6 Temperature

Coway water purifier has 3 temperatures, Hot, Ambient, and Coldwater and the most basic water purifier has at least 1 ambient temperature up to 50 temperature settings.

We have and stainless-steel tank for hot water and the temperature remains at 97 degrees to make sure the water is safe to drink.

1 temperature Water purifier is Mate and Ferry, but why do people still choose 1 Ambient temperature where you can have 3 temperatures with about the same price? From our experience, people choose 1 temperature water purifier is because they either don't use hot water much or they prefer to boil water them selfs, there's nothing wrong with boiling their own hot water, some people just like it that way

3 temperature water purifier is Harry, Neo Plus, Inception, Glaze, and core

Kecil has 4 temperatures to choose from, and Ombak has 50 temperature settings to choose from.

TYPES of filter

Neo-Sense Filter

Neo-Sense Filter

(Plus Sediment + Pre-Carbon Filters)

Removes particulates, chlorine, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and dissolved organic and inorganic impurities.

Neo-Sense Filter


Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, harmful organic chemicals, microbes as well as radioactive substances are all removed.

Neo-Sense Filter

PLUS INNO-Sense (D) Filter

(Post Carbon + Fine Filters)

Reduces odors and improves the taste of water.

Neo-Sense Filter


Removes water contaminants such as heavy metals, harmful organic chemicals, microbes as well as radioactive substances are all removed.

Neo-Sense Filter


Removes heavy metals, harmful organic and inorganic ions

Neo-Sense Filter


Prevents the growth of microorganisms inside the water tank.

Coway water Purifier Filter Chart

Coway Water Purifier

Coway Lucy Plus CHPI-620L

Price: RM190/ Month

Hot: 1.5L


Cold: 2.5L

Ice: 1.0kg

This model is the only model with Ice Maker + water Purifier. it is the latest model for 2021, an upgraded model from the previous model Coway Lucy, the latest model is more stable and looks even better than the previous model. it has been popular for people who like to get instant ice cubes. Imagine back home on a hot day, feels like want to have a cold drink but while making syrup... you found out there is no ice.... how frustrating is that? with lucy plus, you will not have to remember to make ice anymore, there is 1kg of ice ready for you to use and it automatically makes new ice once you take some. the ice that you get is made of pure clean RO water so it is free from contamination, read more for Product detail, or Blog Post


Price: RM184/ Month

Hot: 1.2L


Cold: 2.0L

Malaysia's first 2 in one water Purifier and Alkaline ionize water. and it also the first in the industry with Cold Alkaline water

Coway Inception Water Purifier is suitable for families who are meat lovers, Regular Drinkers and have health problems such as gastric, urine acid, gout, and etc, read more for Product detail, or Blog Post

Coway Ombak CHP-7310R

Price: RM140/ Month

Hot: 3.4L


Cold: 2.3L

Specially design for Malaysians based on their needs, the design is elegant and fully digitalize, adjustable hot water temperature is its unique function, you are able to preset 50 different temperatures and water quantities. for example, making baby milk required 40 degrees of warm water and maybe 500ml of water, you could save this setting, and every time you want to make baby milk, just a push on the button and you get exactly the same amount of water and the right temperature to make the baby milk. you could preset it for coffee, instant cup noodle, and even making bread.

UV light at the cold water Faucet provides extra disinfection, to ensure the water is always clean, it is recommended for families who use a lot of hot water and those who live digital design of the water purifier. read more for Product detail, or Blog Post

Coway Core CHP-671L

Price: RM132/ Month

Hot: 3.6L


Cold: 6.0L

This is the largest tank water purifier in coway, total tank size is 21.1Liter so is suitable for large families and especially popular for offices or factories, Mosy corporates choose this model is because it floor standing and it's easy for them to find a place to place this water purifier, with the large tank size, all the office staff can enjoy clean water all day long, good for office with workers that are more than 15 person. https://www.healthycoway.com/core

Coway Harry CHP-590N

Price: RM123/ Month

Hot: 3.0L


Cold: 3.0L