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Coway Inception Alkaline Ionized Water Purifier - Benefits of Alkaline Water

Updated: Oct 23, 2023

Drinking alkaline water can improve many aspects of health, including: anti-aging, maintaining gastrointestinal health, boosting the immune system, and more. With the latest technology of Coway Inception, people can drink such healthy pure water very conveniently. What kind of water Purifier is Coway Inception? What benefits can it bring to your health?

Introduction to Coway Inception

Coway Inception is a leading water machine on the market, it has a two-way function, besides being a water purifier, it can also provide alkaline ions that people need. It uses a system of five filter elements that have been tested and certified by the Water Quality Association (WQA). WQA is committed to the quality of water, they have a professional team and test for related products.

Each filter element of Coway Inception can achieve a different function:

Filter out dirty substances in water

Removes heavy metals, which are more difficult to remove, but does not filter out minerals in water

Remove some substances that cause odour, so that people will not have an unpleasant odour when drinking pure water

Filter with antibacterial properties to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the water purifier

Additional Benefits of Coway Inception

In addition to the excellent function of cleaning water sources, Coway Inception also takes care of every little detail, as follows:

1. Independent function of water purifier and alkaline ions

Considering that not everyone every time needs to drink Alkaline water, Coway Inception perfectly separates the function of the water purifier from the alkaline ions. When the water purifier is used, the outflow is clean pure water. However, by pressing the button of the alkaline ionized water function, you can immediately enjoy the alkaline ionized purified water that is beneficial to your health. A water purifier with this condition takes care of everyone's needs and is very suitable for multi-member families.

2. With three water temperatures

The function of alkaline ion pure water also has three water temperatures: hot water, room temperature water, and cold water. These three water temperatures just meet the needs of everyone. In hot weather, most people want to drink cold water, but those who want to maintain health prefer to drink room-temperature water, and when they want to make tea with hot water, they only need to press a button to get hot water. Quite convenient.

3. Intelligent power saving mode

During less used times, the Smart Power Saver mode reduces compression and heating in order to save power. The general water machine will only continuously heat and compress, and it needs to use electricity continuously, which is a waste of resources.

4. Automatic cleaning function

The fully automated cleaning function operates every 7 hours. This function greatly improves the quality of life, without having to operate it, saving time and energy. Modern people are so busy every day. If they still need to clean the water purifier, they cannot achieve the goal of enjoying life.

5. Optimized electrolysis system

With Platinum Coated Titanium, the water purifier is protected from moisture and steam. The water purifier is repeatedly heated and filled with water every day, and it is easy to be corroded. In addition, it has the benefits of anti-oxidation, and there is no need to worry that the water purifier will be corroded by some substances.

6. Nanomembrane Filtration System

Coway Inception alkaline ion water purifier uses a nano-filtration system, it can filter very small heavy metals while still maintaining the minerals in the water. Therefore, drinking Coway Inception's pure water eliminates the need to worry about the lack of these important minerals in the body.

7. Have different levels of alkalinity

This alkaline ion water purifier has three different degrees of alkalinity, which can be selected according to your own conditions and needs.

Low alkalinity (pH ± 8.5): suitable for those who are just beginning to contact alkaline water, because they are worried that the body will not be able to adapt, they should start from this alkaline level

Normal Alkaline (pH ± 9.0): Suitable for some people whose body has become accustomed to alkaline water, and can also use this alkaline water for cooking

High Alkaline (pH ± 9.5): Suitable for some people who drink alkaline water regularly, and using highly alkaline water to make tea and blanch vegetables will be especially delicious

Why drink alkaline ionized water

Maybe many people don't understand why we must drink alkaline ionized water, in fact, Alkaline water has many benefits for people's health, such as the following 4 major benefits:

1. Antioxidants

There are unstable oxygen-containing molecules called free radicals in the human body. When they are oxidized, they can cause damage to the body's cells and DNA. Once the cells are damaged, various diseases will follow, and premature ageing.

Alkaline ionized water is an antioxidant that helps slow the oxidation process of oxygen free radicals and stabilizes these molecules. Diseases caused by cell oxidation include inflammatory symptoms, cataracts, cancer, cardiovascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, etc. Therefore, in order to stabilize the body's cells, drinking more alkaline ionized water can help remove oxygen free radicals.

2. Relieve stomach pain

Stomach pain is a problem faced by many people, but not every type of stomach pain is the same. Alkaline ionized water can soothe 4 types of stomach discomfort: chronic diarrhoea, indigestion, hyperacidity, and abnormal gastrointestinal fermentation.

Acid reflux occurs when there is too much acid in the stomach, allowing food to flow back up into the oesophagus. Prolonged acid reflux can do considerable damage to the stomach. Studies have shown that drinking alkaline water can block acid reflux enzymes and reduce the acid concentration in the stomach.

3. Quickly absorbed by the body

Since the molecules of alkaline ionized water are very small, it can be quickly absorbed by the body. The body absorbs enough water to make the body more moist, especially suitable for some people who sweat frequently. If the body cannot absorb enough water quickly, it is easy to cause dehydration symptoms and dry skin.

4. Improve body energy

An overly acidic constitution will cause people to be easily tired, sleepy and have other problems. Alkaline ionized water can reduce the acid concentration in the body, improve the energy of the body, and make people more refreshed. Modern people are particularly prone to feeling tired and dozing off, perhaps due to over-acidity in the body. Drinking more Alkaline water can help in this regard.


Acidity in the human body can lead to many chronic diseases. Many studies have pointed out that drinking more alkaline ionized water can neutralize the acid concentration in the body and help remove oxygen free radicals. In addition, since the molecules of alkaline ionized water are very small, it allows people to absorb water faster and make the body more moisturizing. The latest technology of Coway Inception water purifier provides everyone with alkaline ionized water, which is super innovative in appearance and fully functional. Just press the button, you can easily enjoy alkaline ionized water with three water temperatures, which is quite convenient.

Hello, I’m Daniel Jong, a professional Coway health planner. I have more than 3 years of experience in this industry and I've helped more than 200 families improve their living quality and have a healthier life and better lifestyle.

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