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Coway with the most advance filtration technology in the market

One of the most important ingredients in cooking is water, as it plays an important role in flavour. Not only the purity, but also the taste of the water can have a significant impact on the quality of the dish.

That's why Coway, the leader in water treatment, has focused on developing filtration technology that improves both the purity and taste of water.

Back in 2009, Coway established a water taste analysis working group, which led to the creation of the industry's first water taste evaluation and research laboratory in 2019.

What is a water sommelier?

The job of a water sommelier is to taste the water and determine the quality level of the taste, colour and smell of water.

Coway also has our own sommelier. The water you drink is first tested by a sommelier. If they say it does not meet the standard, it will never be approved.

They can tell where the water comes from, from which source, from which mountain

The best part is that Coway is the "1st Water Sommelier Expert" with its own taste rating system of 37 sommelier experts. Rank No.1 among all Competitors

According to Coway, the company has created an objective standard for water taste. Since 2017, Coway has used the GPT index, which stands for "Good Pure Tasty Water," in its product evaluation process to measure water quality.

These efforts have paid off, as Coway has won first place two years in a row in the water taste evaluation event hosted by KISA.

The taste of water varies significantly depending on the filtration system, which is due to differences in efficiency in removing contaminants. More than thirty years of research and development are what distinguish Coway today

The filtration technology of Coway water purifiers is also recognized abroad. For the first time in the Korean water treatment industry, Coway was certified by WQA in 2008. To date, Coway has received WQA quality certification for more than 80 products, which is the highest number in Korea.

People who tried the water from our RO filtration system such as Coway Villaem 2, Coway Core, Coway Ombak and Neo Plus all can feel the difference, it just taste better, when the water taste better, people drink more, and when you drink enough water, you are much more healthier.

To continue to be on the top in the market, Coway will continue to do its best in research and development to make water cleaner and tastier

More info regarding WQA visit the WQA Official website here


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