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All about Coway Villaem 2 Water Purifier

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

Coway Villaem 2

Are you looking for a water filter/ purifier for your home? To find out more about Coway Villaem 2, read this article to the end.

In 2014, Coway released the Villaem water purifier. It has received a very great response from Malaysians. Now, the evolution of the best is born Coway Villaem 2.

Coway Villaem 2 water purifier

Coway Villaem 2 remains the previous advantages of Villaem water filters. In fact, the features of Villaem 2 are enhanced and more user-friendly. With a more sophisticated, neat, and minimalist design, you can enjoy clean drinking water with a modern lifestyle.

Coway Villame 2 is perfect for the whole family. With a variety of attractive and sophisticated features, it definitely simplifies daily life. In addition, it can also be placed anywhere such as in the office and at school. Now, everyone can enjoy clean water easily.

Coway Villaem 2 is one of the tabletop water filter models. So you can place it on your kitchen counter, or any table which even is reachable by our human height, Easy isn't it?

To get to know this water filter in more depth, let’s know the special features of this Coway Villaem 2.

Benefits and features of COWAY VILLAEM 2

Although this water filter is a new generation from the first Villaem, there are some features that have been updated. There are also old features preserved on Villaem 2.

There are 9 key features of Coway Villaem 2 that you need to know:

1. User-Friendly Design

With a user-friendly design, Villaem 2 is suitable for any age. It is suitable for you who have a family or who live alone. This water purifier is the best solution to provide clean drinking water for you and your family

In addition, it also has a minimalist and sophisticated design. It is ideal to be placed in corporate offices as well as stores for employee use.

Villaem 2 coway 4 temperatures

2. Four Water Temperatures

4 Water Temperature Coway Villaem 2

Just like the Villaem, the Villaem 2 water purifier still maintains four water temperatures namely hot, cold, warm, and room temperature. It aims to adjust the water temperature to the needs of each user. With this feature, you can take water according to the desired temperature.

What is interesting is the warm water. Now, you no longer need to mix hot water with cold water to get warm water. This function is ideal for parents who are always busy managing their children. With Villaem 2, the process of making baby milk becomes faster and easier.

 coway Villaem 2 mode light

3. Mood Lights

This water purifier is the first water filter model to be equipped with mood lights. When the lighting is dark at night, the mood light will turn on automatically. It illuminates the water purifier and makes it easier for you to get water at night.

This atmosphere light is a white LED light. There are light sensors that detect light in the environment. When conditions are poorly lit or dark, this LED light will light up automatically. With this lamp, you do not have to turn on the lamp at night and can fetch water easily.

 coway Villaem 2 temperature indicator

4. Temperature Indicator

In front of the water filter, there is a temperature indicator. It shows users the current temperature and the highest temperature in the water tank.

for your knowledge, the water temperature indicator feature is one of the key features of every Coway water filter. However, the design of the Villaem 2 temperature indicator is more elegant and minimalist.

 coway Villaem 2 adjustment Knob

5. Water Temperature Adjustment knob

This feature is also a legacy of Coway Villaem. The water temperature adjustment knob has received an encouraging responses from users of this model water filter. With this adjustment knob, you can change the water temperature according to your needs and suitability. You can change the water temperature between hot-warm and cold-room temperature.

With Villaem 2, the water temperature adjustment knob has been improved to make it softer, easier to hold and more user-friendly. Now you can get the perfect water temperature easily.

 coway Villaem 2 detachable fauset

6. Detachable faucet

This feature is the latest feature available on the Coway Villaem 2. The removable faucet is specially designed to keep the water filter as well as drinking water clean. The faucet is always wet, facilitating the reproduction of bacteria and germs. If it cannot be removed, it is definitely difficult to clean and can cause drinking water to be contaminated with dirt.

 coway Villaem 2 water level indicator

7. Low Water Level Detector

Coway Villaem Water Level sensor

This sensor is just an indicator to let the user know about the water level in the tank. The low water level indicator light will turn on automatically when the water level in the tank is low.

For the record, a low water level indicator is a key feature of every Coway water filter. This indicator is designed for the safety of the water purifier so that it does not burn when the water heater continues to heat without water.

 coway Villaem 2 light sensor

8. Power Saving mode

For those of you who are worried about increasing electricity consumption if installing a water purifier at home, this is good news for you. The Villaem 2 water filter is equipped with a power-saving system. It acts to reduce the use of motors and water heaters at night automatically, up to 30% less than during the day.

In addition, the maximum wattage consumption is only used when the water is heated. Electricity consumption will decrease when the water temperature reaches a stable hot temperature. Normally you would expect not more than RM10 extra per month in your electricity bill

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