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4 Benefits Of The Best Mattress in Malaysia- Coway Prime Mattress

Updated: Aug 21, 2022

In addition to drinking clean water and breathing clean air, another important factor to maintain good health is to have quality sleep. These three are indispensable, and one less will seriously affect our health, but the most neglected one is sleep.


Research shows that nine out of ten Malaysians faced sleep disorders, such as insomnia, sleepwalking, restless sleep, etc. The main reason for the above problems comes from the tension and pressure in life, and other external factors come from Environment and Mattress they sleep on, etc.

Sleep disorders can cause many symptoms, including headaches, inability to concentrate, and shoulder and neck pain. In severe cases, it can lead to anxiety and depression, which can be overwhelming.


In order to help Malaysians who face the above problems improve their sleep quality, Coway has specially launched the Coway Prime series mattress, and also launched the "Coway 7-step mattress deep cleaning service" to thoroughly help Malaysians solve their sleep problems.

First, let me introduce to you what is the difference between the Coway Prime series Mattress and those on the market


Coway Mattress is known as a five-star mattress, one of the best mattress in Malaysia 2022. All Coway mattresses are made of the highest quality materials. According to the ergonomic design, the quality and effect of sleep can be effectively improved. After years of research and development, Coway Prime Mattress is officially launched in Malaysia at the beginning of 2020, no matter the inner design or appearance, it lives up to the name of "a Top Best mattress".

Here are 4 advantages of our Coway Mattress Advantage 1: Coway Prime Mattress is made of high-grade materials


· 100% natural latex

Pure natural latex is breathable, has a good antibacterial effect and good elasticity, and can buffer the pressure of the human body very well


· Memory foam

This mattress can absorb and decompose the pressure of the human body, change the hardness of the body according to the temperature of the human body, accurately shape the body contour, and also have the functions of ventilation, antibacterial, and anti-mite. Cervical and lumbar spine problems


· Coconut Fiber

Make the bed more breathable and comfortable, can protect the spine, support evenly, and play a good role in prevention and health care for common diseases such as low back pain


· Five-zone pocket springs

It can effectively block vibration and make people feel at ease until dawn


· Anti-static fabric

Static can cause physical fatigue and dry skin, anti-static fabrics can effectively help reduce static electricity in the human body

Advantage 2: Coway 7-step mattress deep cleaning service

Coway's "7-step mattress deep cleaning service" has been well received since its launch, and now it complements Coway Prime Series Mattress. The former takes care of the cleanliness of the mattress, and the latter is a high-quality mattress. The guarantee of high-quality sleep, which is also the difference between Coway mattresses and other brands of mattresses outside.

What are the consequences of not cleaning the mattress regularly?

The answer is - the surface of the mattress is usually attracting dust, dandruff, dead skin, etc. dropped by the human body. These products of human metabolism are the largest food source for mites, and the mattress has also become the breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, and various allergens, and the allergic symptoms caused by bacteria and dust mites include pink eye, skin allergies, asthma, nasal congestion, and constant sneezing...


Are these symptoms familiar to you? If you or your relatives and friends are troubled by these allergy symptoms, there is actually one way to confirm whether you are allergic to dust mites, and that is to use the Coway 7-step mattress deep cleaning service!

The Coway 7-Step Mattress Deep Cleansing service complements the Coway Prime Series Mattress, and the combination of the two is almost the same as a guarantee of quality sleep. If you do not purchase a Coway mattress, you can also purchase only the Coway 7-step mattress deep cleaning service, and let professionals clean your mattress for you.


Coway's 7-step mattress deep cleaning service includes testing the contaminant content of the mattress, cleaning the bed frame, wiping the bed frame, cleaning the edge of the mattress, cleaning the mattress, spraying dust mite spray, and ultraviolet sterilization. Inside and out, up and down" cleaned by professional Coway mattress maintenance service technicians (Homecare Technician) every four months, so that customers no longer have to worry about sleeping on a dirty mattress

Advantage 3: Changeble topper


After many years of sleeping on the mattress, the bed will inevitably become dirty, especially for those who like to eat on the bed, sweat a lot, drool, baby wets the bed and other factors will leave unsightly marks on the bed, no matter how you wipe it, it will not be wiped off easily.

Anyone who purchases a COWAY mattress with a monthly rental plan can get a free mattress topper replacement on the third year, after the replacement of the Topper, the mattress feels like new. So is bought outright with cash cannot get a free replacement? The free mattress cover is not included in the outright package, but you can choose to buy the topper from Coway after a few years, even after 10 years, you can still replace it for a small fee and it will be like sleeping on a new bed.

Advantage 4: The first mattress that can be purchased with a monthly rental plan.

There are countless mattress brands on the market, but none of them can be owned by juts paying monthly rent, let alone those with better quality mattresses, the price ranges from 5,000 to more than 10,000, at most they Allows you to use a credit card loan with 0% interest and to be repaid in 24 months. But it can only be done with a credit card. What about those who don’t want to pay so much at once, and want to have a better mattress without a credit card? He had to give up his thoughts and continue to sleep on a normal mattress that made his back sore.

Coway understands the needs of many Malaysians, so it has launched a package to own a 5-star mattress with an extremely low monthly rental fee so that more Malaysians can have the ability to own it. Not only that, after more than a year of observation, Coway has launched the WOW7 package allowing everyone to choose to pay for 5 years or 7 years, so that more low-income families can enjoy 5-star sleep and improve the quality of life.

If you can afford it, who doesn't want to buy the best mattress for yourself or someone else at home? After all, besides work or school, the place where we spend the most time is also in bed. Mattresses with the same material are not cheap and do not include bed cleaning services. The prices are all in the range of 7000-10000 or more, one-time spending, it is simply a pain on the ass.

Coway Prime Mattress Bed selection guide

Coway mattresses are designed with two types of hardness. FIRM is more suitable for those who are used to lie flat and often suffer from backache and back pain. SOFT is suitable for people who are used to sleeping or have no fixed habits. For me, I once sprained my waist, so I applied for a FIRM mattress. It felt a little hard when I first slept on it, but I got used to it after a while.


So if you like a softer mattress, it is recommended to take Soft, and if you are afraid of back pain like me, choose Firm!

Next is the size of the mattress, COWAY PRIME MATTRESS has launched 3 models, namely KING SIZE, QUEEN SIZE and SUPER SINGLE,

King Size- The size is 1830 X 2240 X 1060MM, it is our biggest mattress, the body size is relatively large, and those who like to have more space can choose the more spacious design of King, as long as the room is large enough, it is not a problem

Queen Size- The size is 1525 X 2240 X1060MM, suitable for smaller rooms, and couples with smaller body sizes can also choose this mattress.

Super single- 1070 X 2120 X 1100MM is suitable for teenagers, or singles, especially children who are in the developing stage but also need a good bed to ensure their development and growth

Many people think that the rental mattresses are second-hand, we can guarantee that every one of our Coway Prime Mattress mattresses is brand new, and also comes with a free gift worth Rm1000, 2 memory pillows, and a bed cover, totally free


Sleep is very important to us, whether you are starting a business or working part-time, a night of good sleep can ensure that you are more energetic at work the next day, your mind is clear, you can make the right decisions, improve yourself and make more money, only RM4.80 per day. You can enjoy the top mattress of a five-star hotel, and it can change your quality of life, allowing you to live a healthier and go further life.

Note sure if it's time to change your mattress? read blog post -how frequent do you need to replace your mattress


Hello, I’m Daniel Jong, a professional Coway health planner. I have more than 3 years of experience in this industry and I've helped more than 200 families improve their living quality and have a healthier life and better lifestyle. Whatsapp Click here NOW so that I can quickly help you solve your problems and needs.

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