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7-Step Coway Mattress Care Service

Updated: Jun 3, 2022

7-step Coway Mattress Care Service

Do you wake up every morning with always keep sneezing, red itchy skin, or red eyes for "no reason"? If you're constantly plagued by problems like this, maybe it's time for you to think about cleaning your mattress!

dust mite coway

When cleaning or cleaning the room, we often ignore the importance of cleaning the mattress, thinking that changing the bed sheet is enough. In fact, the surface of the mattress will not only adhere to dust but also dandruff and dead skin dropped by the human body. These products of human metabolism will also feed a huge number of dust mites, and the mattress has thus become a breeding ground for bacteria, dust mites, and various allergens.

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It is conceivable that when we "sleep in the same bed" with all kinds of bacteria and dust mites every night, the body will naturally send out different "calls for help". The allergic symptoms caused by dust mites include red eyes. Symptoms, skin allergies, asthma, nasal congestion, and constant sneezing.

How to clean the mattress thoroughly and prevent the growth of dust mites? Leave this task to a professional mattress cleaning technician!

coway mattress care

Since 2011, South Korea's No. 1 water purifier brand Coway has launched a mattress deep cleaning service in the country, allowing consumers to enjoy clean water and air (water purifiers and air purifiers are both products of the company) at the same time. you can also enjoy a high-quality sleep with a clean mattress.

coway mattress care

After the service was launched in South Korea, more and more families realized that "the cleanliness of the mattress is very important". Up to now, 500,000 people in South Korea have used Coway's deep mattress cleaning service regularly, and related technicians have also 50 eight years ago has grown rapidly to 1,200 today.

coway home care technician

With the continuous improvement of the quality of life in Malaysia, Coway Malaysia finally launched the "Coway 7-Step Mattress Care Service" in April this year, so that local consumers can also enjoy this intimate service Home service, have a peaceful sleep!

coway mattress 7 step care service

What is "Coway 7-Step Mattress Deep Cleansing Service"?

In order to allow customers to fully understand this cleaning service, Coway especially divides the mattress deep cleaning service into seven steps, and the orderly operation procedures also highlight the difference between Coway and general mattress cleaning companies.

coway mattress dust mesuring

Step1: Is dust Level Measuring. Before the official cleaning, Coway's technicians (Homecare Technician) will do a simple dust measurement for your mattress. This step also allows you to watch through a digital microscope. The dust adhering to the mattress hides microorganisms that cannot be seen by the naked eye.

coway mattress frame cleaning

Step 2: Frame Cleaning. Technicians will use a vacuum to clean your bed frame. This step is often omitted by other mattress cleaning companies.

coway mattress frame wiping

Step 3: Wiping the bed frame (Frame Wiping), after asking your opinion, the technician will use a dry/wet non-woven paper towel to wipe the bed frame.

coway mattress side edge cleaning

Step 4: Side Edge Cleaning. The technician will use a special brush head to clean the side of the mattress, which is usually a "hiding place" for lice.