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Coway Villaem 2 Vs Coway Ombak, Which one to choose?

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Coway Villaem 2 vs Coway ombak

Nowadays everything is rising and life is under pressure. Most families have to work long hours, leave home early in the morning, and reach home late at night. They are also busy with housework at home, picking up and dropping off children from school. Everyone is simply too busy.

coway villaem 2 coway ombak

It would be great to have more people to share our house works with, reduce some burden at home, spend more time with family members, and do what they like to do. This is something that most people have thought about, but how and what can it be shared by others? that can reduce housework, and also save money?

In order to help every Malaysian family reduce the burden and housework, Coway has launched many water Purifiers, each of which is developed for the different needs of each family.

coway villaem 2 coway ombak save time

In this article, let me tell you how Coway Villaem 2 and Coway Ombak can help you reduce housework, and at the same time answer the questions that many people often ask, Which is, Coway Villaem 2 Vs Coway Ombak, Which one to choose?

Are you still boiling water? There are many people in your family. Don’t talk about it if the water is not filtered. You have to boil several rounds of water every day to make enough for your family to drink. Bottles are filled and then boiled, and then again, the bottles have to be cleaned and sterilized, and the bottles still occupy a large space in your kitchen cabinet or dining table, which is very unsightly.

The water is not filtered. Although it has been boiled, it still contains chlorine, heavy metals, sediment, and various harmful substances that are invisible to the naked eye. Drinking it for a long time is harmful to health and hinders the growth of children.

Let’s first analyze the commonalities of these two water purifiers for you

1. These two water purifiers are suitable for larger families, the family size is between 3-9 people

2. These two water purifiers can allow you to obtain more than 4 temperatures of water, namely hot, cold, room temperature, and adjustable water temperature, which is convenient for various purposes.

3. The water quality of the two filtered water is RO water, that is, Reverse Osmosis, which is very smooth and nice to drink.

4. Door-to-door service every 2 months, and on-site filter replacement every 6 months. The Filter is replaced according to the lifespan of each filter to ensure that the quality of the filtered water is the cleanest. The same service, free installation, free cleaning Service, Replacement and Warranty

What's the difference between the two water Purifiers?

1. Water tank

Coway Villame 2 and Coway Ombak both have large water tanks, the only difference is the capacity of the water tanks,

The total water tank capacity of Coway Villaem 2 is 11.3 liters, with 1.2 liters of hot water, 3.7 liters of cold water, and 6.4 liters of room temperature water.

The total tank capacity of the Coway Ombak is 13.5 liters, with 3.4 liters of hot water, 2.3 liters of cold water, and 7.8 liters of room temperature water.

The difference between the two water purifiers is 2.2 liters of water. Coway Ombak specially enlarged the hot water tank to satisfy the families who love hot water.

2. Design

The design of Coway Villaem2 is relatively simple and classic. It is easy to understand and can be used by young and old. There are two water outlets. The left one is for adjustable hot water, and the right one is for cold water and room temperature water. Take water, very easy to operate

The design of Coway Ombak is relatively modern, fully digital operation, can set more than 50 kinds of water temperature and water volume, press the water button to take water, the operation will be more complicated but easy to use

coway villaem 2 coway ombak UV

3. Sterilization function

Both water machines are RO filtration systems, which can reach 6 layers of filtration, which can filter all harmful substances and bacteria. Only Coway Ombak has added UV function, and once again UV rays are irradiated at the outlet of cold and room temperature water to sterilize, increasing the an extra layer of sterilization

4. Electricity Dependence

Both racks require electricity to operate, filter, produce hot and cold water

Coway Villaem2 is the only large coway water machine that will continue to filter and fill water during a power outage. Although the power outage will not produce hot and cold water, room temperature water can still be obtained.

As for Coway Ombak, it is completely dependent on electricity to operate. Once the power goes out, it will not be able to get water, nor will it be filtering. You must wait until the electricity is restored before you can continue to get water.

coway villaem 2 coway ombak Mineral filter

5. Extra mineral filter Coway Ombak is the only water purifier that can add a mineral filter. For people who want to take minerals in their drinking water, the mineral filter contains magnesium oxide, which is easily digested by the human body, which makes our daily life healthier, but there is a fee for this filter, which is replaced every 6 months. You can choose whether to add this filter or not. **if you apply Now, with our Fiesta Promotion, you can get 3 mineral filter cartridges for free. Call me now to see if the discount is still available?