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Coway Neo Plus Vs Coway Kecil, Which to choose?

Updated: Feb 11

coway neo plus vs coway kecil which to choose

Nowadays, there are more and more water Purifiers in the market, and they are so dazzling that everyone is dazzled. Especially, the price is not far from the difference, and the functions are similar, so it is more difficult to choose which to apply.

coway neo plus or coway kecil

Although the price and function of the water Purifiers launched by Coway seem to be similar, each Coway water Purifier has been carefully designed for the needs of every family in the past 15 years, in order to help more families get cleaner water, and live healthier This article will answer most people's questions about which water Purifier should you choose, Coway Neo Plus or Coway Kecil.

The similarity between the two Water Purifiers:

coway water purifier size

1. Small size

These two Water purifiers are relatively small in size. In order to save a lot of space for families with smaller houses. Most of the water Purifiers are very large. These two water Purifiers can solve the space problem.

2. Smaller water tank

The water tanks of these two water machines are relatively small and suitable for families with 1-5 people. Usually, if there are few people in the family, it is obviously not economical to install a large water machine. Not only can it not make good use of all the functions of the large water machine, but also It does not save space, so for small families, the small table is the most suitable

3. Provide clean water at 3 temperatures

Like other large-capacity water machines, both Coway Neo Plus and Coway Kecil can extract purified water at 3 temperatures. With hot water, family members can enjoy it without boiling hot water. Hot water can be used immediately for cooking. Extractable, not to mention cold water and room temperature water, very convenient

4. The same service, free installation, free service

5. 2 are WOW Promo series, which also allows you to choose between 5 years of monthly rent or 7 years of coway water machines according to your personal ability

What's the difference between the two water Purifiers?

1. The difference in water Type

Coway Neo plus uses the Reverse Osmosis filtration system, so the filtered water is RO water, filtered up to 0.0001uF, which can remove all minerals, viruses, dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, etc.

Coway Kecil uses a Nanotrap filtration system. The filtered water is as clean and is filtered up to 0.01uF, which still keeps the minerals in the water at the same time removes harmful substances, bacteria, and viruses.

2. Structure of water tank and water inlet

The Coway Neo Plus water tank is divided into 3 temperatures, 1.0 liters of hot water, 2.3 liters of cold water, and 2.5 liters of room temperature water. As soon as you take water, the water purifier will automatically filter new water to refill the water tank.

Coway Kecil uses a new filter design. Both room temperature water and hot water are directly filtered. Direct flow of water allows you to get water instantly. Room temperature water can be taken uninterrupted, while hot water can be taken in just 3 seconds, meanwhile the cold water tank capacity is 1.35 liters

3. Design

The design of Coway Neo Plus is relatively simple and classic. It is easy to understand and can be used by young and old. There are two water outlets. The left one is hot water, and the right one is cold water and room temperature water. Press the water button below to take water. , very easy to operate

The design of Coway Kecil is more fashionable. It is small and exquisite. The design is simple and elegant. It is very artistic. The full digital touch screen operation is a little complicated but simple and easy to understand.

coway kecil coway best

4. Hot water temperature

The hot water of Coway Neo Plus- is just hot water. temperature us 97degrees, If you want warm water, you have to mix by your own,

The difference between Coway Kecil is that there are 3 temperature options for hot water, such as coffee, tea, and baby milk, which can be selected according to personal needs by simply touching on the touch screen panel. It is fully automatic and very convenient.

coway professional service

5. Service and filter change

Coway Neo plus, door-to-door service every 2 months, and filter replacement every 6 months. The replacement filter is scheduled according to the life span of each filter to ensure that the quality of the filtered water is the cleanest.

Coway Kecil also has a door-to-door service every 2 months, but in terms of Filter replacement, it is once every 4 months. A complete filter replacement is required to maintain the quality of the filtered water is the cleanest.

Down to the most important question, which one should I choose? The following points will help you have a clear idea on which water purifier is more suitable for you

Why choose Coway Kecil

1. If you have a small space in your home and the width of your space for a water purifier is not more than 20cm, choose Coway Kecil

2. If you have a unique kitchen design and want a water purifier that is elegant to match your kitchen, choose Coway Kecil

3. If you rarely use hot water, but still want to get hot water when needed, choose Coway Kecil, because it saves more electricity

4. If you want to get room temperature water quickly, and you mostly get more than 3 liters of water at a time, choose Coway kecil, because you can get unlimited room temperature water, not limited by the capacity of the water tank

5. If there are no elderly's at home, choose Coway Kecil, because Coway Kecil is operated by touch screen, it is not that they cannot learn it, but if it is just to make it easier for them to get water, this one is not so suitable

6. If you do not accept that there are no minerals in Ro water, choose Coway Kecil

Why choose Coway Neo Plus 1. If you need a lot of hot water, choose Coway Neo Plus, the hot water capacity is 2.3 liters, you can get a lot of hot water right away 2. If you like simple and classic design, but don't like complicated operations, choose Coway Neo Plus 3. If there are elderly or children at home, for their convenience, choose Coway Neo Plus 4. If you don't have any design requirements, choose Coway Neo Plus 5. If you like the smooth taste of RO water, choose Coway Neo Plus Conclusion

In general, Not every water purifier is perfect, maybe you like some of the benefits of Coway Kecil, some don't, or you like both, but you can't have both.

Our suggestion is to choose a water purifier that you can afford and the design that you like, and that better suits the needs of yourself and your family. After all, a water purifier needs to be used for a long time. Only by choosing the right water purifier can you use it with peace of mind and drink happily.

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