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Coway Neo Plus Vs Coway Kecil, Which to choose?

Updated: Dec 30, 2023

coway neo plus vs coway kecil which to choose

In the current market, an abundance of water purifiers has inundated consumers, creating a dazzling array of options. The challenge intensifies as prices exhibit minimal disparity, and functionalities appear strikingly similar. Amidst this sea of choices, selecting the ideal water purifier becomes an intricate task.

coway neo plus or coway kecil

Despite the apparent similarities in price and features among Coway's water purifiers, each model has undergone meticulous design over the past 15 years. This design precision aims to cater to the unique needs of every family, striving to provide not just cleaner water but also to contribute to healthier living.

This article endeavours to address a common quandary—choosing between Coway Neo Plus and Coway Kecil water purifiers. By providing insights into their specific features and benefits, it aims to assist readers in making an informed decision tailored to their individual requirements.

The similarity between the two Water Purifiers:

coway water purifier size

  1. Compact Size for Space Efficiency: Both of these water purifiers boast a compact design, making them well-suited for families residing in smaller homes. Given that many water purifiers tend to be larger in size, the smaller footprint of these models addresses space constraints effectively, offering an optimal solution for households with limited space.

  2. Ideal for Small Families with Limited Water Needs: The water tanks of Coway Neo Plus and Coway Kecil are intentionally designed to be smaller, catering to the water consumption needs of families with 1-5 members. This design acknowledges that installing a large water machine in a household with fewer occupants may not be economically viable. Choosing a smaller water purifier not only avoids underutilization of functions present in larger models but also ensures space-saving, making it the most suitable option for smaller families.

  3. Versatile Water Temperature Options: In line with larger capacity water machines, both Coway Neo Plus and Coway Kecil offer the convenience of extracting purified water at three different temperatures. The availability of hot water provides immediate accessibility for various uses, such as cooking. Moreover, the inclusion of cold and room temperature water options adds to the overall convenience, ensuring a versatile and efficient water purification solution for households.

  4. The same service, free installation, free service and filter change

  5.  2 are WOW Promo series, which also allows you to choose between 5 years of monthly rent or 7 years of coway water machines according to your personal ability

What's the difference between the two water Purifiers?

1. The difference in water Type

  • Coway Neo Plus: Coway Neo Plus employs the Reverse Osmosis (RO) filtration system, producing RO water filtered down to an impressive 0.0001uF. This meticulous process effectively eliminates minerals, viruses, dissolved salts, colloids, microorganisms, organic matter, and more.

  • Coway Kecil: On the other hand, Coway Kecil utilizes a Nanotrap filtration system, providing water filtration up to 0.01uF. This system ensures the water remains clean while retaining essential minerals. It effectively removes harmful substances, bacteria, and viruses, striking a balance between purification and mineral retention.

2. Structure of water tank and water inlet

The Coway Neo Plus water tank offers a tri-temperature configuration, comprising 1.0 litres of hot water, 2.3 liters of cold water, and 2.5 liters of room-temperature water. This design ensures a constant supply, as the water purifier automatically initiates the filtration process to replenish the tank every time water is drawn.

In contrast, the Coway Kecil employs an innovative filter design, enabling the direct filtration of both room temperature and hot water. This direct water flow feature ensures instant access to water—room temperature water can be continuously drawn without interruption, while hot water is available in just 3 seconds. Additionally, the cold water tank has a capacity of 1.35 litres, further enhancing the efficiency and convenience of the water purification process.

3. Design

The Coway Neo Plus boasts a straightforward and classic design, catering to users of all ages. Its simplicity makes it easily understandable and accessible for both the young and the elderly. Featuring two distinct water outlets, with the left dispensing hot water and the right providing cold and room temperature water, users can effortlessly access water by pressing the intuitive water button located below the outlets. The user-friendly design ensures ease of operation.

On the other hand, the Coway Kecil adopts a more fashionable and compact design. Its small and exquisite profile exudes simplicity and elegance, creating an artistic aesthetic. The full digital touchscreen operation, while slightly intricate, remains simple and easy to comprehend, adding a modern touch to the overall user experience.

coway kecil coway best

4. Hot water temperature

In the case of Coway Neo Plus, the hot water it dispenses is singular in temperature, reaching 97 degrees. Should you desire warm water, it requires manual blending on your part.

In contrast, Coway Kecil distinguishes itself by offering three temperature options for hot water, catering to preferences for beverages like coffee, tea, or preparing baby milk. The convenience lies in the touch screen panel, where users can effortlessly select their desired temperature with a simple touch. This fully automatic feature enhances user convenience significantly.

coway professional service

5. Service and filter change

For Coway Neo Plus, a door-to-door service is provided every 2 months, with filter replacement scheduled every 6 months. This replacement cycle is meticulously aligned with the lifespan of each filter, ensuring that the filtered water consistently meets the highest cleanliness standards.

In the case of Coway Kecil, the door-to-door service occurs every 2 months, while the filter replacement frequency is every 4 months. To maintain the optimal cleanliness of the filtered water, a complete filter replacement is necessary within this timeframe. This approach ensures that the water purification system remains highly effective in delivering clean and healthy water.

Down to the most important question, which one should I choose? The following points will help you have a clear idea of which water purifier is more suitable for you

Why choose Coway Kecil

  1. Space Considerations: If you have limited space at home, especially with a width not exceeding 20cm for a water purifier, Coway Kecil is the ideal choice.

  2. Elegant Kitchen Design: For those seeking a water purifier that complements a unique and elegant kitchen design, Coway Kecil stands out as a stylish choice.

  3. Energy Efficiency: If you infrequently use hot water but still desire its availability when needed, Coway Kecil is a preferable option, offering energy savings.

  4. Quick Access to Room Temperature Water: For individuals who frequently require more than 3 litres of water at a time and desire swift access to room temperature water without being limited by the water tank's capacity, Coway Kecil is the optimal solution.

  5. Touch Screen Operation: In households without elderly members or where touchscreen operation is preferred, Coway Kecil's user-friendly touch screen makes it a suitable choice. However, for elderly users who prefer a simpler interface, alternative models may be more appropriate.

  6. Mineral Presence in Water: If you value the presence of minerals in your water and prefer not to have completely demineralized RO water, Coway Kecil is designed to meet this preference.

Why choose Coway Neo Plus High Hot Water Capacity: Opt for Coway Neo Plus if you require a significant amount of hot water, as it offers a generous 2.3-litre hot water capacity, ensuring an ample supply when needed.

  1. Simple and Classic Design: If you prefer a water purifier with a straightforward and classic design, coupled with an aversion to complex operations, Coway Neo Plus is an excellent choice.

  2. Convenience for Elderly and Children: For households with elderly or young members, the user-friendly features of Coway Neo Plus make it a convenient option, ensuring easy accessibility for all.

  3. No Design Preferences: If you have no specific design requirements and seek a water purifier that focuses on functionality without intricate design elements, Coway Neo Plus is the straightforward choice.

  4. Smooth Taste of RO Water: Opt for Coway Neo Plus if you appreciate the smooth taste of RO water, as it is designed to deliver water with a distinct and pleasing taste.

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