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4 Steps for Better Sleep

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

4 Steps for better sleep if Allergy is something Troubling you Do allergies make you tired or suffer at night? If you or a loved one suffers from allergy symptoms, you may sneeze in your sleep, wake up congested, and your allergies may even get worse at night. You already know there's more than just car exhaust and smoke in the air. When there are invisible particles like mold spores, pollen and pet dander in the air, it can be difficult to breathe freely and get a restful night's sleep. But before you reach for a night-time allergy medication, try these 4 effective measures to help you get a perfect night's rest. You may just find the best sleep of your life! Step 1: Invest in a high quality bedding. For many of us, allergies get worse at night. Dust, and dirt get into the mattress, and we're forced to sleep with a runny nose. Fortunately, with Coway Mattress ,bedding made from modern, high quality fabrics and our 7 step mattress care Service, helps you clean and disinfect frequently can help keep allergies from getting worse while you're trying to dream. Step 2: Try to keep your pet out of bed. If you've a pet and wake up with a stuffy nose, it may be the family dog or cat that's triggering these allergies. In addition to your pet's dander, they can also bring dust, dust mites and mold into your bedroom. Try to keep your pet away from the bed or remove them from the bedroom. Step 3: Take a shower before bed. Dust, mold and dander can stick to your body and hair. So showering ensures that your bed is free of these contaminants that you don't want next to you. This is one of the best ways to avoid waking up with a stuffy nose. Step 4: Bring a Coway Lombok 3 or Coway Strom into the bedroom. An air purifier like the Coway Lombok 3 and Coway Strom, which effectively clears the air of these nanoparticles, can be life-changing. You'll be able to breathe more clearly at night, and allergies won't make you tired anymore. The Coway Strom is a 2 in 1 Fan and air purifier with an impressive effective coverage of 1600 square feet, and Coway Lombok 3 with 6 stage Filtration Plus the Ionizer has the stroger effectiveness in rooms up to 1600 square feet. These Coway air purifiers efficiently filter various pollutant sources and remove 99.999%* of nano-sized particles down to 0.01 microns, which is smaller than most viruses and bacteria. Here's what one customer had to say after purchasing her Coway Storm: "The best air filter. I've tried them all as I'm prone to allergy asthma. I've a pug that sheds a lot and since we switched to this air filter, I've had no problems. We love it so much we bought one for each room. -Tasi ak Bawi More about Coway Strom and Coway Lombok 3 air purifiers.

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