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What does WQA do, and why it's important ?

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

All Coway Water Purifier in Malaysia carry the Water Quality Association(WQA) gold seal, but what does that mean exactly? What does the WQA do? In its own words, the WQA is "a not-for-profit transnational trade association representing the domestic, marketable and man-made water treatment industry. " It was founded in 1974 and currently has over 500 members. One of the association's terms is a six-step evaluation process for products "in the drinking water pathway," which includes water contaminants, fixtures, silencers, treatment equipment and more. The WQA is the guardian of product integrity in the water world. The WQA instrument is not a guarantee. Companies applying for certification must go through a series of rigorous qualification steps 1. initial inquiry in the first stage of the instrument process, companies must provide their information on adulteration reduction, inflow rates and other aspects. 2. operation Companies submit data waste for all products to be certified, as well as the number of workers performing the work. 3. performance testing WQA has its own testing laboratory and says most companies choose to test at their own facility. However, if a company wishes to hire another specialized lab, WQA has an approved list of testers. 4. Literature Review Interestingly, the WQA instrument process is not just about the equipment and products. It also evaluates all markers, primers, and promotional items associated with the product being tested. 5.The installation inspection instrument is valid five times, provided that the products pass regular inspections during this period. The WQA requires these monthly inspections "to ensure that the systems being offered in the trade are the same ones that have been tested and certified. " Once a product passes the five-time inspection, it receives the WQA seal. In addition to its instrument program, WQA also assures quality products through an action to combat counterfeit water pollutants. The association has set up a button on its homepage to report counterfeit water pollutants to the Intellectual Property Rights Coordination Center.

Why is it important to have WQA certification for the water purifier that we use?

There are so many harmful contaminations in the water that cannot be seen with our bare eyes, we need know that the water purifier we use can really remove all these chemicals, chrorine and virus in the water, and the WQA certification can verify this, with the WQA certification, the water we drink, is safe and clean.

We are pleased to report that all Coway Water Purifier in malysia such as- Coway Neo plus, Coway Villaem 2, Coway Glaze, Coway Ombak, Coway kecil, Coway Cinnamon, Coway inception, Coway core, Core harry, and Coway Lucy Plus, bear the gold seal of the WQA instrument. As you can see from the path described, the WQA seal is not just a marketing tool, but an expert test.

More info regarding WQA visit the WQA Official website here


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