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Coway Core - What Are the Benefits of Coway Core?

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Scenario 1: There are too many family members at home, or your family members normally drink a lot of water. If you don't have a water filter. It is even more work to boil the water. you can't even wait until the water gets cold and just pure into the plastic bottle, usually, we don't know what toxins the plastic will decompose, and it's unhealthy to drink such a water.

Scenario 2: Friends come to your home all the time to have a fun gathering. There is not enough water to make syrup drinks. and then the water used is room temperature or sometimes hot water, no matter how many ice cubes you have, it can't cool the water down. How good if you can get lots of cold water anytime...

Scenario 3: There are too many people in the company or factory. It is impossible for the water supplier of ordinary blue bucket water dispensers to deliver water to the office every day. Therefore, a lot of space is needed to store blue bucket water. Wasting a lot of storage space. After the water is finished, you have to replace the blue bucket by yourself. It is heavy and troublesome to lift up and down. In case all the male colleagues in the office went out, how will the female colleagues be able to do this job...

Scenario 4: The mother at home is a super home chef. She uses a lot of hot water for cooking. Not only does she need more stoves to boil water for her, but also electricity and gas. It would be great if you could get hot water right away...

Scenario 5: You want to buy a water Purifier, but the kitchen is small and doesn't have tabletop space for the water purifier.

The above scenarios can be solved with just one Coway water machine. Introducing Coway Core, our largest capacity water machine!

Next, I will explain to you why Coway Core Water Purifier is so good

Coway Core water Purifier tank capacity

No kidding, the water tank capacity of the water purifier is really huge. It is the largest tank on the market at the moment. Room temperature is 11.5 liters, cold water 6.0 liters, hot water 3.6 liters, and a total of 21.1 liters of water can be obtained at any time. For 1.5 liter bottle, you can get as many as 11 bottles at one time, which is very suitable for families with many family members or offices with more than 10 employees.

RO (reverse osmosis) Filtration system

The Coway Core water purifier uses a 6-stage filtration system to filter the tap water to the cleanest, which is what we call RO pure water, which can remove harmful substances in the water such as chlorine, heav