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The New Cinnamon Water Purifier

Updated: Sep 8, 2022

The Coway Cinnamon water purifier is officially released in January 2022. A water purifier with only one water temperature, replaces the previous water Purifier, Coway Ferry and Coway Mate. Both of them have the same 1 temperature and do not require a power supply. So what's the difference between this Coway Cinnamon and them? In this article, I will show you a detailed breakdown

Who is Coway Cinnamon for?

Living in a family or alone, you don’t have many requirements for drinking water. You just like to drink more water. and I hope that the water you drink is safe and not dirty. you hardly ever brew any hot beverages such as coffee or Milo at home. Coldwater is also not a necessity. You dislike the troublesome of maintenance for the Water purifier like cleaning and changing filters themselves. The appearance of Coway Cinnamon is completely in line with the above family members. It can not only help you filter clean water, but also help you avoid many troubles in maintaining the water purifier.

If there are elders at home, or if they like healthy living, they don’t drink cold water at all. they often drink hot water, but they prefer boiled hot water. they always feel that the tea and coffee brewed with kettle boiled water are more fragrant and nice to drink. No matter how clean the water is filtered, they still prefer boiled water. they just like it this way. Coway Cinnamon is suitable for the above families. Big enough water tank, enough water to boil hot water, can fully fill in any large and small pots.

Cinnamon's Design concept

Coway has a history of more than 15 years in the water purifier industry in Malaysia. It has installed water purifiers for millions of households in Malaysia. After so many years of providing installation services, the biggest problem encountered is that The water pressure in some areas is quite low. This causes many families unable to install our water purifier for their homes because the water pressure is too low to push the water through the filter to filter the water.

To solve this problem, the customer has to install a spare water tank and a water pressure pump at home, so that the water pressure in the home can be increased, there for the water machine can be installed, but the cost is quite expensive, and it has to spend thousands of dollars to solve it. For many families, drinking clean water has become a burden, and finally, they choose to give up the installation.

In order to solve the above problems in the most economical way, Coway specially designed a water pump that can increase the water pressure and installed it within the water Purifier. With the build-in water pump, the problem of low water pressure can be solved.

As for those who live in urban areas, the built-in water pressure pump is a bonus for the Water Purifier. Since the water Purifier itself uses the RO filter system, it will naturally take more time to filter clean water, but with the built-in water pressure pump, Filtration speed is no longer an issue

Coway Cinnamon is not only looking beautiful but also small in size. It is very suitable for modern home use. The advanced look of the full touchscreen settings and buttons, and can instantly increase the lifestyle of your home.

There are 3 water volume options: 250ML, 500ML, and 1000ML. After selecting the water volume, you can take water with the touch of a button. When the water is enough, you only need to press the button once again to stop the water, which is very easy to operate.

The Korean BTS group also endorsed our Coway Cinnamon, so if the good things are shared by big stars, it can help more families!!

There are two payment methods for this water Purifier, one is the traditional outright buyout, the price is Rm2490, and the other is the monthly rent, the monthly rent is RM69, which is only RM2.30 a day, every family can afford it.for more info Visit page


Hello, I’m Daniel Jong, a professional Coway health planner. I have more than 3 years of experience in this industry and I've helped more than 200 families improve their living quality and have a healthier life and better lifestyle. Click here whatsapp NOW so that I can help you solve your problems and needs.

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