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The Common Bidet Myths

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

coway Bateri Bidet

If you planned to add a bidet to your home but unfounded claims make you think a bidet is bad for your health. So here we will expose some common misconceptions about Bidet.

Myth #1: Bidet bidets use toilet water

Although the bidet is attached to the toilet seat and water appears to be spewing out of the toilet, the actual water supply comes from the same pipe as the faucet. The bidet water supply is as clean as the water in the kitchen hose, and there is no risk of contamination with used toilet water.

Myth #2: Bidet bidets cause hemorrhoids

A common misconception is that the pressure of the water sprayed from the bidet can cause inflammation and swollen veins in the anal area, also known as hemorrhoids. However, no studies have shown a correlation between bidet use and the development of hemorrhoids. Painful inflammation is actually often caused by bowel movements, obesity, and stress during pregnancy—internal factors.

A bidet won't cause hemorrhoids and can actually help treat them! Bidets have been shown to help heal hemorrhoids because they are gentler and provide a deeper clean than just a wipe.

Myth #3: Bidet bidets lower internal pH

A big concern for those who use bidets for feminine hygiene is the risk of vaginal pH disturbances. Rinse products that contain iodine, vinegar, baking soda, and other powerful ingredients can throw the natural flora out of balance, leading to pain and infection. Because the clean water sprayed by a bidet doesn't mix with any soaps or solutes, they're a completely safe and healthy way to achieve a deeper clean than using dry toilet paper.

Try the Coway Bateri Bidet bidet

Finally ready to buy a bidet for your family? Check out Coway Bateri Bidet. Equipped with state-of-the-art self-cleaning functions, hygienic nozzles and thoughtful ergonomic design, it is more suitable for a family.

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