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The best air purifier for a bedroom: Coway Storm and Lombok3

Why use an air purifier for the bedroom?

Science already tells us that we sleep better in cleaner air. Some of your sleep disturbance may even be due to air pollution. That means an air purifier in your bedroom could make a big difference, giving you much-needed REM sleep that is not disturbed by pollutants in the air. What makes the perfect air purifier for a bedroom? To sleep, you need less noise and a low setting or auto mode that lets you dream without having to adjust the fan yourself. Combined with advanced, effective purification with Double HEPA technology, you get the kind of clean air that lets you stay in dreamland for as long as your body needs. Finally, find an air purifier that fits your bedroom and matches your aesthetic. The Coway Storm and the newest air purifier on the market: the Coway Lombok 3 meet and exceed all of these standards.

Effective air purification Double HEPA Filter technology is the world's highest standard for air purification. Both Coway Storm and Coway Lombok 3has it and it offers double protection with its antibacterial coating of Copper (Cu) and Antifungal. The Double HEPA Filter is certified to inactivate up to 99.999% SARS-CoV-2 Omicron Variant, Influenza A virus (H1N1), Human Coronavirus (HCoV-OC43) and reduce bacteria, black mold and more.

To inhibit the spread of these harmful pollutants, the filter’s antibacterial performance inactivates cell membranes and protein structures of viruses. Within 24 hours, these pollutants are inactivated and inhibited from spreading.

Less noise Coway's advanced filtration technology is designed to be as quiet as possible - perfect for children's rooms, bedrooms or any room where people sleep. On low, the Lombok 3 produces a noise level of just 20-50 db - you can barely hear the noise produced by the fan, even though it's circulating all the air in your room. Auto mode Both the Lombok 3 and Coway Storm have an auto mode that turns the air purifier on only when needed, so you do not have to turn the fan on or off yourself. If you prefer to run just one fan speed throughout the night, there is a low setting for that as well.

LED lights that can be turned off

When you want complete darkness in your room, the Coway Storm and Lombok 3 LED indicator lights turn on and off to your liking.

So it all comes down to room size, aesthetics, and personal preference

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