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COWAY NEO PLUS - The Most Powerful, Complete, And Easy-To-Use water purifier!

Updated: Sep 8

Launch on March 2021, out of stock in just a week

Sale reopen in April, 25,000 units sold out in a day

Sales reopen in May, 25,000 sold out in a week

and it's still selling like hotcakes until today

it ain't hot for no reason

Introducing to our latest model Neo Plus, the Second Edition of One of our best selling water purifiers in Malaysia Neo, and the good news is not just the news update of the water purifier but it still comes with the same Promotion That all Malaysians like

Benefits and features of the Coway Neo Plus Water Purifier

First: affordable

You can own a water Purifying machine that costs more than RM3,000 only with Rm65 or 85 per month. Just a simple application, and it will be delivered and installed in your home for absolutely free.

Second: powerful

Simply by pushing a button, you can get clean water at three temperatures of cold, hot, and ambient water anytime 24/7, which is suitable for the whole family and help you drink healthier and safer

Third: Beautiful design

With the upgrade version, The water filter body is simple in white and grey suitable for any kind of kitchen design at your home

4th: First-class service

Every 2 months Periodic service, regular replacement of the filters for every 6 months, Warranty and parts replacement for up to 7 years, so you don’t have to worry about when to replace the filters and whether anyone will repair it, so you can use it with peace of mind.

5ft: RO Filtration

RO also means Reverse Osmosis water, is the purest filtered water that does not contain any minerals in it, is suitable for people of all ages, it ensures that the water that you drink is the cleanest and safe. Some might say it's not good if it doesn't contain any minerals, the fact is the tap water that we drink, doesn't contain the right mineral that our body needs, let take calcium for an instant, you need to drink 300 glass of mineral water to get the calcium from just 1 glass of milk, which do you prefer drinking?

Who should install a Coway Neo Plus water filter? The number of family members is between 1-5 people, the total capacity of the water tank is 5.8L. Once the water is taken, it will fill automatically to ensure clean water is available throughout the day. Finding an easy-to-use water filter. If there are parents or children at home, machines with digital buttons are less suitable. With Neo plus, you can get water with just a light push, and you can use it without a complicated process. The space in the house is not large, Water filters with water tanks are usually not small, so water filters will take up a lot of space. The small Neo plus size is ideal for a small kitchen space. Find a more Economical Water Purifier. In general, the cost of purchasing and maintaining a water Purifier is not cheap. Expenses need to be carefully calculated to avoid the burden for the family in the future. Therefore, it is very important to find an affordable water machine. Because of this, Coway understands the needs of the public and offers affordable discounts for all. Now the installation of Neo plus, the price is not more than RM2.30 a day, a cup of coffee is already more than RM2.30, You drink a few cups of coffee a day?

With the promotion WOW 5 campaign that Coway launch recently, with as low as Rm65 you can own a water purifier for your home

The package Coway WOW 7 Rm65 is with an Obligation of 7 years, within 7 years, free service every 2 months, Free Filter change Every 6 Months and Free warranty and repair within 7 years also

The package Coway WOW 5 Rm85 is with an Obligation of 5 years, within 5 years, free service every 2 months, Free Filter change Every 6 Months and Free warranty and repair within 5 years also

Where the Neo Plus Normal Price Of Rm109 is for an Obligation of 3 years and you own the product after 5 years, Rm109 normally is for corporates on, for individual, I would recommend taking the Wow 7 Rm65 or Wow 5 RM85 package, More info

The NEO PLUS water purifier is fully functional, and many families will like it. This water purifier is specially designed for busy modern families and can quickly provide clean and pure room temperature water, hot and cold water. The design is simple and easy to use. Users only need to turn the control button to select the water temperature, and then press the water release lever to fill clean drinking water. It's that simple!

Whether it is a mother who is rushing to soak her crying baby during a Zoom meeting, a single who wants to drink cold to quench her thirst after a workout, or a couple who needs to prepare dinner together and need to fetch water quickly for cooking, NEO PLUS is a good helper. Everyone's needs are different, but NEO PLUS can meet them one by one! In addition,the Eco Mode energy-saving setting is both energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

Everyone can see from NEO PLUS that with the advancement of technology, even the necessities of life have made our lives more convenient and comfortable. Companies such as Coway have been leading the research and development of science and technology, and strive to seek breakthroughs in various ways to improve people's lives. Coway has been working tirelessly to become a company that can fully care about the quality of life of customers, and is committed to launching affordable necessities, actively improving consumers' lives, and creating a better world.

Hello, I’m Daniel Jong, a professional Coway health planner. I have more than 3 years of experience in this industry and I've helped more than 200 families improve their living quality and have a healthier life and better lifestyle.

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