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Coway Lombok 3 vs Coway Lombok 2

Updated: Jun 23, 2022

coway lombok 2 vs lombok 3

After our very popular Coway Lombok 2 air Purifier, Coway has redesigned and improved it, and grandly launched the New Coway Lombok 3, the third generation of the Coway Lombok air purifier series, just like the iPhone, from the 1st generation until the 13th generation. New upgrades and improvements every year for the needs of thier customers, and Coway's air purifier are no exception.

Let me tell you more about our new Coway Lombok 3 and how it differs from Lombok 2

, most people added air purifiers to their homes to reduce the many problems that dust brings to their family, such as home dust, sensitive nose and to reduce home odor, etc.

Coway Lombok has been on the market for more than 9 years, due to its unique sterilization function and its ability to filter and reduce dust and harmful substances in the air, these are very popular among Malaysians, with an average of over 5,000 families per month applied for the Coway Lombok 3 for their home.

Since Coway Lombok 2 is so good and so popular, will Coway Lombok 3 be as good?

The following shows the difference between them

coway lombok 2 vs lombok 3 coway

First of all, in terms of filtering range, Coway Lombok 3 still inherits the same filtering range as the previous generation, which is 50m².

About the size of the living room, people who choose Lombok3 are usually placed in the living room, bedroom, study, or office. Since the Lombok 3 is portable, it is very convenient to place it anywhere in the house

In terms of filters, both air purifiers have very similar filters. The following are the various filters of Coway Lombok and their functions

coway lombok 3 prefilter

1. Pre-filter- This layer is the first filter of Lombok2. It looks the same as the one used in the air conditioner at our home. Its function is to filter relatively coarse dust, animal hair, mosquitoes, etc. Wait... Mosquitoes? It is not specially designed to catch mosquitoes, but the suction of the air purifier itself is quite strong, and the mosquitoes that fly through the air purifier cannot escape.

coway lombok 3 legionella

2. Legionella Filter- is used to filtering Legionella. Legionella is one of the bacteria that can cause pneumonia. It may be combined with other infectious diseases outside the lungs. It is often treated by water supply systems, air conditioners, and aerosol inhalation. cause respiratory infections.