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The Diffrence between Lombok 3 Vs Coway Storm

Updated: Jul 17, 2023

coway Storm vs Lombok 3

The most compared Coway Air Purifier models is the Coway Storm and the Coway Lombok 3, as the price is near and the coverage is almost the same, so which one is the best for your home?

Lets look at The similarity between the two Air Purifiers first:


For the area of ​​coverage, it seems that Lombok III is better than Storm which is 50 m2, on the other hand the Storm is 49.5 m2. But this difference is not significant. So I would say the coverage is almost the same


2. Double Hepa Filter

Both have the latest update Double Hepa filter that can Eliminate 99.999% of covid -19 Omicron variant

3. The same service, free installation, free service every 2 months and, filter change every 4 months

4. 2 are WOW Promo series, which also allows you own an air purifier with a lower affordable price

5. Sensor

Both have dust sensor, light sensor and smell sensor


What's the difference between the two Air Purifiers?

1. Air Quality Indicator

Difference between Storm Vs Lombok air filter for air quality indicators, Both Storm and Lombok 3 has the colour LED indicator, but Lombok 3 has a more accurate air quality indicators compared to Storm,



This is because the Lombok air quality indicator shows the air quality index value for PM2.5, and the amount of gas. Does this mean that storm is not accurate? Nope, you just don’t see the index values only, that’s all


2. Design

The Storm is slim and taller than Lombok 3 and the input air is suck from the front of the machine and out put from the fan hole and top. Good for fine dust and faster filtration speed

Where the Lombok 2 look bulky, but in sense of potability, both are portable but Lombok 3 is easier to carry around, Lombok 3 air input is from left, right and bottom of the machine with wide air input holes, so it is able to filter larger particles such as furs and hairs

3. Function

the difference between the Storm VS Lombok air purifier lies in the additional functions of the Storm’s 2 in 1 fan function, it’s not just normal fan that creates wind, but filtered wind that are clean and safe. This fan function helps faster air circulation at home and helps to save space as you no longer need a normal fan which also save electricity usage.


Where Lombok 3 is just more focus on cleaning the air in the house with additional filter layers, the RBD plasma that can deactivate 99.99% of bacteria and virus and Ioniser which help capture the dust in the air and bring it down the floor. Lombok 3 can also filter more types of viruses compared to Storm.



Both has touch panel, so you can control the function and fan mode with just one touch but only Lombok 3 have an extra Child Lock Button, Just Long Press on the Light button and it locks the touch panel, just to avoid your children playing with the air purifier.

4. Filters

The filter that can be found in Storm is Pre-filter, Fine dust Filter, Ac Deodorisation Filter and Double Hepa Filter,

Where Lombok 3 has 6 stage filtration, Pre-filter, Fine dust filter, Double Hepa Filter, RBD plasma Filter, Antibacterial catalyst Filter, and Ac Deodorsation Filter

5. Price

Lombok 3is more expensive compared to STORM for the main reason that the filter and air quality indicators are more effective and efficient.

Lombok 3’s price is Rm109 and with the WOW5 Promo, you can get a lombok 3 with a promo price of RM90 per month

Storm ‘s original Price is Rm90, with the Wow 5 Promo, you can get a Coway Storm with a Promo price of Rm70 per month


Why choose Coway Storm

1. if you like the 2 in 1 fan function, Choose Coway Storm

2. If you like fast air circulation, as the fan will increase the circulation speed, choose Coway Storm

3. If owning an air purifier is just to reduce dust, choose Coway Storm

4. If you are ready to buy a fan and a air purifier, might as well get Coway Storm

5. If you just like the design, choose Coway Storm

Why choose Coway Lombok 3

1. If you want extra protection against viruses and bacteria, Choose Lombok 3

2. If you have pets and their fur is a problem for you, choose Lombok 3

3. If you like to have accurate index value to see, choose lombok 3

4. If you have extra cash for an air purifier, choose Lombok 3

5. If you like the RBD plasma or the Ioniser Function, choose lombok 3

6. If you have children at home and they have quick hands, choose lombok 3 and you can set on child lock to prevent them from playing with the air purifier.


In summary, Lombok 3 is more effective if you want protection for your family from airborne disease because of the plasma RBD function on this model.

While the Storm model is for those of you who want this hybrid air filter that not only filters the air in the house but also works like a fan that cools your house.


Hello, I’m Daniel Jong, a professional Coway health planner. I have more than 3 years of experience in this industry and I've helped more than 200 families improve their living quality and have a healthier life and better lifestyle.Click here to whatsapp NOW. so that I can help you solve your problems and needs faster.

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