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Unveiling the Power of Coway STORM 2 Air Purifier

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The approaching months in Malaysia are anticipated to bring about a heightened period of haze due to the onset of warmer and drier conditions. Amidst this environmental challenge, Coway, renowned as a leader in lifestyle solutions, has embarked on a new mission. The focal point of their strategy is the introduction of the cutting-edge STORM 2 air purifier. This advancement builds upon the achievements of its predecessor STORM, presenting the STORM 2 as a pinnacle of air purification technology, dedicated to delivering an all-encompassing indoor air refinement experience.

Revolutionizing Indoor Air Quality with Coway STORM 2 Air Purifier

In the foreseeable future, Malaysia is poised to experience exacerbated haze conditions attributed to escalating warmth and aridity. The eminent company, Best Life Solution provider Coway, has taken proactive measures to counterbalance the deteriorating air quality. Their innovative answer to this challenge is the STORM 2 air purifier, a pinnacle of modern air purification technology.

Air Filtration Pioneer: Coway STORM 2

Coway storm 2 filter

In the realm of environmental responsiveness, STORM 2 stands as a testament to Coway's dedication. Bolstered by contemporary engineering, this model features a revamped design sporting a filter that's 50 per cent broader than its predecessor. This strategic enhancement paves the way for a more expansive surface area, adeptly trapping an array of airborne pollutants. Demonstrating its prowess, the STORM 2 air purifier proficiently eliminates up to 99.999% of ultrafine particles and 99.9% of airborne viruses, bacteria, and even black fungi. The multifaceted 4-step filtration system consists of a Pre-Filter, Fine Dust Filter, Deodorization Filter, and Copper HEPA Filter (H13). This amalgamation targets pet odours, human-related scents, and indoor particulate matter, including haze constituents, creating a healthier, purer indoor atmosphere.

Augmented Performance, Amplified Efficiency

A distinguishing feature of STORM 2 lies in its superior air circulation capabilities. With its enlarged fan size, this iteration boasts 2.5 times the airflow potency, equating to augmented wind speed and enhanced air currents. The inclusion of mist mode and multi-directional airflow functionality brings vitality to stagnant spaces, ensuring swift and highly effective airflow throughout every nook and cranny. This dynamic, efficient airflow design guarantees optimal air circulation with uniform distribution of filtered air.

Elevated Air Quality, Reduced Energy Consumption

Intricately designed to harmonize with a serene user experience, the Coway Storm 2 Air Purifier integrates an intelligent mode. This mode is attuned to the environmental ambiance and seamlessly transitions to sleep mode when darkness prevails for over three minutes. This sophisticated feature maintains ideal air quality while curbing energy consumption. Thus, users can relish prolonged periods of silent operation coupled with an impressive 35 percent energy conservation in contrast to its predecessor.

The Evolution of Clean Air: Coway STORM 2 Specifications

As part of Coway's comprehensive approach, the STORM 2 is furnished with an array of specifications aimed at delivering unparalleled performance:

Model: Storm 2 (AP-1523D) Air Purifier

Power Consumption: 42W

Filters: Pre-Filter, Fine Dust Filter, Double Deodorization Filter, Copper HEPA Filter (H13)

Functionality: 3-Stage Speed Control, 3 Multidirectional Air Flows, Dust Sensor, Light Sensor, Smart, Turbo, Haze, Sleep Mode, Timer, Air Flow Mode

Coverage: Up to 50 m²

Noise Level: Up to 45.2 dB

Dimensions: 412 x 232 x 752.5mm

Weight: 12.0kg

Affordable Excellence: Pricing and Innovative Offerings

The Coway STORM 2 (AP-1523D) Air Purifier is attainable through diverse means:

Retail Price: RM 3,190.00

Rental Price: RM 70.00 per month (No Obligation, 5+0) with 4M Service

Unveiling the Tenfold Power of Coway STORM 2's Air Filtration

The Coway STORM 2 air filter heralds an array of ten functions, each poised to enhance air quality and bestow health benefits upon users:

Particle Filtration: Effectively captures minuscule airborne particles, including dust, fine powder, pet hair, and pollen.

Odour Elimination: Eradicates unwanted room odors like cigarette smoke, cooking fumes, and pet scents.

Formaldehyde Abatement: Filters formaldehyde, a hazardous compound often present in wall paint, furnishings, and construction materials.

Allergen Reduction: Diminishes allergenic substances such as animal dander, plant pollen, and dust mites, mitigating allergic reactions.

Gas Purification: Safeguards against harmful gases like formaldehyde, ammonia, and toluene, prevalent indoor pollutants.

Virus and Bacteria Removal: Boasts a refined HEPA filter proficient in trapping viruses and bacteria, fostering clean, healthy air.

Excess Dust Control: Addresses excessive dust woes, enhancing overall air quality within homes.

Air Quality Detection: Embedded air quality detector monitors pollution levels, empowering users with actionable insights for their well-being.

Coway's Legacy of Excellence

Coway remains steadfast in its commitment to exceptional product quality. Encompassing a comprehensive service strategy, the STORM 2 air purifier benefits from scheduled maintenance and filter replacements. This unwavering dedication ensures the sustained peak performance of the product across years of use.

Accessing Innovation: Coway's Vision

For those seeking a transformative air purification experience, Coway STORM 2 beckons. Through Coway's pioneering approach, this remarkable air purifier is attainable at a monthly cost as low as RM70. The innovative easy payment plan ensures affordability without compromise. For in-depth insights, visit and embark on a journey toward cleaner, healthier air.


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