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Do you taste chlorine in your water?

Updated: Sep 3, 2022

We all know about chlorine in the swimming pool, but what does it mean when chlorine is floating in our drinking water?

Chlorine kills pathogens in the water

Chlorine is used both in swimming pools and at the tap to treat water against harmful bacteria. A paper in Scientific American states, "Chlorine effectively kills a variety of microbial pathogens in water, including those that can cause typhoid, dysentery, cholera and Legionnaires' disease."

4 milligrams per liter is safe

Chlorine was introduced in the early 1900s as an inexpensive disinfectant for public water. Since then, its use has become ubiquitous all around the world. In fact, chlorine is used by all water utilities that disinfect public water in Malaysia.

When chlorine mixes with other chemicals

The benefits of chlorine in controlling waterborne diseases cannot be underestimated. However, when chlorine mixes with other chemicals in the water, such as fertilizer runoff, it can become an organic compound. As early as 1980, large amounts of these compounds, called trihalogenated methanes, were shown to cause cancer in laboratory animals.

Potential cancer risk of organic compounds with chlorine

In 2016, the World Journal of Gastrointestinal Oncology published a study titled "Colorectal cancers and chlorinated water." In academic parlance, it states, "Associated health risks, including colon cancer, depend on the frequency of exposure and the level of trihalomethanes in drinking water." In other words, overexposure to chlorine and/or the presence of organic compounds containing chlorine can endanger people's health.

The bad taste of chlorine in water

There is no reason to believe that tap water in the Malaysia contains excessive chlorine or the kinds of compounds that scientists consider threatening. But many people want to reduce the amount of chlorine in their drinking water for a much less threatening reason: They do not like the smell and taste of chlorine.

coway neo plus

Whatever your reason, the Coway Neo plus RO filtration system reduces chlorine levels by 100%. The water purifier installs easily and for Free By our technicians on most kitchen faucets/pipings and ensures that tap water is filtered before you and your family consume it. All you have to do is enjoy the clean, pure water, we handle the rest for you.

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