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Coway Core vs Coway Core Plus

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Coway core vs Coway Core plus

The Coway Core has been the most popular floor-standing model water purifier for so many years for offices, now, Coway has redesigned and come up with an upgrade to the latest Model Core Plus, in this article, you will get to know the new features of Core plus, the difference of these 2 models and will it worth the upgrade

Let's look at The similarity between the two water purifiers first

  1. Tank size - both Coway Core and Core Plus has the largest tank size among all Coway water purifier, which is 21.1 litre

  2. 3 temperature - both core and core plus comes with 3 temperatures, cold, ambient and hot water

  3. floor standing - both are still the floor standing model and both are easy to move around as hidden wheels are mounted at the bottom so you can conveniently move it to the desired location.

  4. Water Type - Both still come with an RO Reverse Osmosis filtration system to provide you with the purest water.

What's the difference between the two water Purifiers?

  1. Temperature tank capacity - the total tank size is the same 21.1 litre, but there is a slide difference between the tank size for the water tank, Coway core has the tank size of Ambient- 11.5 litre, coal water - 6 litre and hot water is 3.6 litre, where for core plus the tank size for each temperature is Ambient- 10.4 litre, cold 7.1 litre and hot - 3.6 litre.

  2. Machine size - overall the COway Core plus is slightly slimmer and smaller that the old model core, making it even easier to fit in any space

3. Design - the New Core plus comes with Beige come for the front and White colour for 2 sites, making it more stylish than the old model Coway core, a full smart touch operation panel is the new upgrade from the old knob-turning design, plus the 25cm fauset height also allows taking water using bottle much easier

4. Sterilization Function - the Core uses an anti-bacterial filter in the water tank to prevent bacteria growth in the filtered water, whereas Coway core plus uses the new UV sterilization technology to ensure the filtered water is always free from bacterial and virus 24/7

5. Fully electricity operated - the new Coway core plus requires electricity to operate, mainly because of the UV function and the smart touch screen operated. where the old model core is a more manual operation.

Is this worth the Upgrade

Yes, if your Old model Coway Core is very old, some companies see already been using it for more than 8 years, and the machine looks old, having more problems now, then the upgrade is a must, we have a trade-in offer for you so you can get the New core plus with a lower price

Yes, if you are still using a Big Bottled water dispenser, firstly it's troublesome to change the bottle every time the water finishes, secondly you need a lot of space to store these water bottles and lastly, it's just not saving you more money and headache.

Who is Coway Core plus for?

- Core Plus is for families with more than 10 family members

- Core plus if for Offices that have more than 10 person staff

- Core Plus is for those family that drinks a crazy lot of water

- Core Plus is for limited space or without table top kitchens

- Core plus for Schools, halls, offices, airports and etc

The latest promotion makes it more affordable

The actual monthly rental price for the Coway Core plus is RM139, with the new WOW 5 promo, you can get a Coway Core plus for just RM123 per month, grap it while the promo still last


In summary, Coway have taken all measures of what Malaysian market is looking for and come up with a new upgrade that meets all needs. in the future, we will see more Coway Core Plus in schools, offices and airports all around Malaysia.


Hello, I’m Daniel Jong, a professional Coway health planner. I have more than 3 years of experience in this industry and I've helped more than 200 families improve their living quality and have a healthier life and better lifestyle.Click here to whatsapp NOW. so that I can help you solve your problems and needs faster.

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