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How smells affect your mood (and how air purifiers can help).

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Wake up and smell the science

Whether it's blooming flowers, the aroma of morning coffee, or smoke wafting through the air, scents can affect our moods-and in a surprising variety of ways. "There's now ample evidence that smells can overtly or subliminally influence mood and emotions. - Ioannis Kontaris, Brett S. East, and Donald A. Wilson, Frontiers in Behavioural Science.

According to Frontiers in Behavioral Science, five minutes of an unpleasant odor can induce a negative mood in a person, while five minutes of a pleasant odor can have the opposite effect. Scents can even make you feel more alert, make you relax when you're stressed, and they can even awaken hidden memories.

Smells at home

How scents affect your mood The connection between smell and emotion has led many scientists to explore olfactory psychology and the limbic system, both of which explain why smells are linked to our feelings, including emotional jolts from the past.

According to articles in the Harvard Gazette and Healthline Media's Greatist, the brain's olfactory bulb is responsible for linking scents to experiences and relaying the feelings one experiences to the limbic system.

"This explains why the smell of rubbing alcohol can remind someone of an unpleasant doctor's visit, or the smell of freshly baked cookies evokes an image of Grandma." - Greatist.

Use air purifiers to eliminate unwanted odors Part of influencing well-being is controlling those odors, and as Frontiers researchers will tell you, indoor air quality is key. "Given that people spend 90% of their time indoors, indoor air quality can be an important factor in mood and health. By removing unwanted odors from the equation, you can help control the impact on your well-being. The Double HEPA filter in Coway Storm air purifiers can give you that control by capturing and reducing up to 99.999% of airborne particles as small as 0.01 microns* - including harmful gasses, volatile organic compounds and (you guessed it) odors.

Ready to take control of your mood? Buy the Coway Storm air purifiers today.

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