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11 Advantages of massage chair

There are 11 advantages of massage chairs that most people don't know about. The massage chair is a poor, misunderstood creature. Many consider it a luxury item that normal people can't afford. Others think that the benefits of a massage chair are fleeting, if they exist at all.

In reality, the benefits of massage chairs are real. Let's discover them below.

1. Reduce stress, tension and anxiety In the current society, people are facing all sort of stress and tension from work, family and the environment, study shows that massage therapy reduces stress significantly on physical and psychological levels. Measures of oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and salivatory cortisol levels, for example, were all lower after a 10 to 15 minute chair massage

2. Relax and loosen aching muscles

The human body is a very intelligent machine. When you strain your body beyond healthy levels, muscles stiffen and become painful. Instead of staying stubborn and continuing, listen to your body and take a break. A massage chair is a luxurious way to relax in your home.

It helps to loosen aching and tired muscles and relieve tension in the body, especially with a shiatsu mode. After a long and hard day at work, a good massage chair is guaranteed to be a godsend.

Two components of the massage chair provide better blood circulation.

3. Improvement of blood circulation

The first is mechanical massage, which is obtained on a massage chair. These massage techniques include kneading, rolling, tapping, grasping and shiatsu. In all these techniques, the rollers of the massage chairs move and vibrate the key points of the body, promoting better blood circulation.

Promoting blood circulation has numerous benefits. These include:

Accelerating recovery from injuries and ailments

Elimination of toxins from the body

Stimulation of endorphins, which help the body cope with pain and stress

The second component is the zero-gravity function of the premium massage chairs like what we have with the Coway Massage chair MC-ST01B. In such a position, the blood reaches the different parts of the body and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

4. Strengthening the immune system

Did you know that a 45-minute massage increases the number of lymphocytes in the body? Lymphocytes are white blood cells that help the body fight off disease. They are responsible for the body's immune response. When the body can increase the number of its lymphocytes, it is better able to resist diseases that we encounter every day, such as cold, fever or flu.

According to experts, a single massage is enough to cause and measure significant, quantifiable changes in the body's endocrine and immunological response.

5. Mobilization of the lymphatic flow

The body's lymphatic system is as important as the body's blood circulation. It is the drainage network that keeps our body fluids in balance and protects the body from infection. The lymphatic system can also be thought of as the body's sewage system, as it collects the body's waste products.

While blood is pumped through the body by the heart, the lymphatic system has no such "pump" to get it moving. It can only move through the body when you breathe and tense muscles. So when you lead a sedentary lifestyle, lymph fluid accumulates in the body and causes inflammation.

The massaging action of massage chairs in a reclined position helps lymph move through the body better, fighting inflammation and disease. A real-life example: after a hard day's work, the feet tend to swell, and the common solution is to elevate the feet to reduce the swelling.

6. Relieve pain and headaches

Massage chairs have been shown to relieve all types of pain, including headaches, general body aches, chronic neck/shoulder/back pain, etc. Studies show that massage therapy lowers cortisone levels and increases serotonin levels by an average of 28%. Serotonin is one of the body's anti-pain mechanisms. By lowering cortisol levels and increasing serotonin levels, the body is better able to manage pain.

While most, if not all, massage chairs have the potential to relieve regular pain, specialized massage chairs are designed to do just that. Pain is relieved through a variety of massage programs and body heat.

For people who have suffered from pain for a long time, this is the most compelling of all the benefits of a massage chair.

7. Decompression and improvement of spinal alignment

This health benefit is offered by massage chairs that recline or feature Zero Gravity. Some premium massage chairs also have massage programs that focus on spinal alignment. For example, the Coway massage chair MC-ST01B has the much-praised Seat Sway feature.

8. Improve posture

Improving overall posture and balance is another one of our favourite benefits of a massage chair because it's so unexpected. With continued use, a good massage chair can correct misalignments of the spine and neck and shoulder muscles. That's why they are so popular with actors and sports stars.

9. Create more mobility

Another side effect of regular use of a massage chair is the improvement of mobility. Massage chairs can help combat decreased mobility caused by trigger points. A trigger point is a painful condition caused by overexertion and strenuous exercise that leads to sore muscles and limited range of motion. Have you ever exercised or lifted weights so much that you literally cannot lift your arms afterwards?

People who suffer from trigger points and spasms experience relief and restoration through regular massage therapy. Tense muscles and 'knots' are loosened over time.

Research from the Buck Institute for Research on Aging in Ontario has shown that massage reduces inflammation and even promotes the growth of new mitochondria, the body's powerhouse at the cellular level. This is another item on the growing list of massage chair benefits.

10. Regulation of high blood pressure

The feeling of total relaxation and well-being helps to lower blood pressure. Much like completing a good run or yoga workout, blood pressure drops, and heart rate slows. We can go on and on about how the body responds to lowering blood pressure, but the best proof is to sit on a massage chair and experience "total relaxation."

11. Improve sleep quality

Studies have shown (unsurprisingly) that massage therapy reduces fatigue and improves sleep across the board. This is true for men and women, young and old, and even for sick people suffering from cancer, heart disease, or psychiatric disorders.

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