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11 Advantages of massage chair

There are 11 advantages of massage chairs that most people don't know about. The massage chair is a poor, misunderstood creature. Many consider it a luxury item that normal people can't afford. Others think that the benefits of a massage chair are fleeting, if they exist at all.

In reality, the benefits of massage chairs are real. Let's discover them below.

1. Reduce stress, tension and anxiety In the current society, people are facing all sort of stress and tension from work, family and the environment, study shows that massage therapy reduces stress significantly on physical and psychological levels. Measures of oxygen consumption, blood pressure, and salivatory cortisol levels, for example, were all lower after a 10 to 15 minute chair massage

2. Relax and loosen aching muscles

The human body is a very intelligent machine. When you strain your body beyond healthy levels, muscles stiffen and become painful. Instead of staying stubborn and continuing, listen to your body and take a break. A massage chair is a luxurious way to relax in your home.

It helps to loosen aching and tired muscles and relieve tension in the body, especially with a shiatsu mode. After a long and hard day at work, a good massage chair is guaranteed to be a godsend.

Two components of the massage chair provide better blood circulation.

3. Improvement of blood circulation

The first is mechanical massage, which is obtained on a massage chair. These massage techniques include kneading, rolling, tapping, grasping and shiatsu. In all these techniques, the rollers of the massage chairs move and vibrate the key points of the body, promoting better blood circulation.

Promoting blood circulation has numerous benefits. These include:

Accelerating recovery from injuries and ailments

Elimination of toxins from the body

Stimulation of endorphins, which help the body cope with pain and stress

The second component is the zero-gravity function of the premium massage chairs like what we have with the Coway Massage chair MC-ST01B. In such a position, the blood reaches the different parts of the body and improves blood circulation throughout the body.

4. Strengthening the immune system

Did you know that a 45-minute massage increases the number of lymphocytes in the body? Lymphocytes are white blood cells that help the body fight off disease. They are responsible for the body's immune response. When the body can increase the number of its lymphocytes, it is better able to resist diseases that we encounter every day, such as cold, fever or flu.