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Coway Core vs Lucy Plus

Updated: Sep 10, 2022

coway core vs Lucy plus

For table top water purifier, There is comparison between Villaem 2 and Ombak, Neo Plus Vs Kecil, and As For Floor Standing Unit, the most ask question is Coway Core and Coway Lucy Plus, which is the best for them?

In this article, I am going to explain the difference between this 2 water purifier and how to choose the right one for your home or office

Before we get into the Difference, let’s see the similarity between the two Water Purifiers:

1. Size

These two Water Purifier are floor standing units, both are tall and huge, great for homes or offices that does not have tabletop space or table for a tabletop water purifier

2. RO Water Filtration system

Both uses the same Reverse Osmosis filtration system to filter water, you can get the same Pure water from both of these water purifiers

3. Provide clean water at 3 temperatures

Easily get water in 3 temperatures, Hot, ambient water and cold water, save time on boiling hot water all the time

4. The same service, free installation, free service

You get free service every 2 months, Free Filter Change every 6 months, warranty for up to 5 years

What's the difference between the two water Purifiers?

1. Capacity

Coway Core has Larger Compare to Lucy, total capacity 21.1 Liter, 3.6L hot water, 11.5L ambient water and 6.0L cold water.

Where for Lucy Plus total capacity is 7.5L, 1.5L hot water, 3.5L ambient water and 2.5L Cold water. The only big differences for Lucy Plus is, it is an Ice maker and it contain extra 1KG ready Ice Cube,

2. Design

Coway Core has a simpler design, with hot water on the left and cold and ambient water on the left, simple to use just like Neo plus and Villaem 2, because of the large 21.1 water tank, the Core is slightly larger in size, you are also able to find Braille code on this machine, the only water purifier that took people with eyesight problem into consideration, so that anyone can use this water purifier

Coway Lucy Plus has a more futuristic design, with press control button and most importantly the Ice Maker technology which can create Purest and Clean ice for you. After the Upgrade from previous version Lucy to Lucy Plus, the water purifier functions has become even more stable and reliable for daily use. The New Beige colour, a more lasting colour makes Lucy Plus looks even more stylist and less vulnerable to stains.

3. Dispenser light

Coway core does not have Mode light or Dispenser Light while you get water so its better to switch on the light before you try to get water from the water purifier

Coway lucy plus originally come with Dispenser light, so every time you take water from the water purifier, the machine will light up and this helps you see better how much water you are filling

Down to the most important question, which one should I choose? The following points will help you have a clear idea on which water purifier is more suitable for you


Why choose Coway Core

1. If you have a huge family with more that 10 person, choose Coway Core

2. If you always have party at home and require a lot of cold or hot water to serve your relatives and friend, choose Coway Core

3. If your mother or wife is chef at home and they like to cook, choose Coway Core because they can get plenty of water to cook, make soup or baking.

4. If space is not a problem for your home, then choose Coway core

5. If this is For Office or public place, because it’s has the largest capacity, it could able to support up to 20 person in you office, choose Coway core.

6. If you have elderly of children at home, choose Coway core, because it is so easy to use, anyone would know how to use.


Why choose Coway Lucy Plus

1. If you like to drink cold ice water a lot and making you own ice seem troublesome to you, then choose Lucy Plus

2. If your family member is between 2-7 person, and you don’t usually use a lot of water, then choose Lucy plus

3. You home design is cool and you have all the high tech gadgets in your home, then don’t miss Lucy plus

4. If you don’t have a refrigerator at home, then the extra Ice making function is for you

5. You just want the best, and money is not a problem, then Choose Lucy plus


Most people would surely like the extra ice making function of Lucy plus, but the Water Capacity is not always enough for every family. Some family has less people, where some large family has more than 10 persons, then choosing a lucy plus would soon give you headache as the water will never be able to refill fast enough to fulfil everyone’s drinking needs, if you got to wait just for a glass of water, its going to create frustrations, Coway core will always be a good solution for such situation

Coway Lucy plus is the most expensive unit among all water purifiers, some might not think it is worth the buy, but if Rm190 is not a problem for you, and you don’t like to miss out or using the same water purifier as same as other families, then you know your answer which to choose.

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